If you experience mobility challenges, you know getting into a shower and showering comfortably can be challenging. At Next Day Access, our mission is to help seniors aging in place and people with disabilities feel comfortable, safe, and independent at home. We offer a variety of styles of shower chairs to help increase your comfort and ease of access. We hope our list of shower chairs will help. 

What is a Shower Chair?

Before we discuss the assorted styles of shower chairs, just what is a shower chair? According to Chair Institute, “A shower chair is typically a four-legged chair with rubberized feet, usually made with aluminum legs and a durable plastic seat used to provide additional support in the bath or shower and to make getting in and out of the bath and shower easier.”

Folding Shower Seat

This sturdy assistive bathroom aid is a favorite among customers. The seat stays installed in the shower and folds up when not used. When users go into the shower, they only need to pull the seat down, and voila, a shower seat. These seats usually have a grab bar nearby to supply an added level of safety. 

Transfer Bench

Transfer benches are extremely helpful when moving from a wheelchair to a shower bench. It has two rubberized feet placed outside the tub, with the other two inside the tub. The rubberized feet supply a sturdy grip on the floor. The user slides across the wheelchair to the bench. 

Folding Stool Style

This stool is considered the most cost-effective and simple to use. The durable stool has rubberized feet and handgrips to help them move to and from the shower. No seat on the back helps with washing that area of the body. It also helps the stool to be easier to carry out of the shower 

Aluminum Bath Chair

Aluminum frame bath chairs are lightweight, durable, and corrosion-proof. The chairs come with simple instructions and assemble quickly. The legs are height adjustable for your needs and angled with suction-style tips which provide additional stability in the shower.

You will find most of these shower chair designs at Next Day Access, and if we do not have them in stock, we can get them ordered for you. We want to keep you safe, comfortable, and independent.