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You often see automatic door openers when entering a store or commercial business. This is extremely helpful for people using wheelchairs or anyone with mobility difficulties. It is a feat to get a large, heavy, commercial door open. Now imagine trying to open it if you have a disability.

One of the top ways automatic doors benefit your business is by accommodating the needs of all who enter. Automatic doors make entering your business convenient for everyone. Automatic doors consist of hands-free sensors, which make entering easier for those needing additional assistance.

Here are a few other reasons your business needs automatic door openers:

Increases Your Security

Next Day Access offers many distinct types of automatic doors. Certain automated doors can be equipped with additional security features. One of the increased security features offered is the addition of controls or sensors which allow you to monitor who comes in and out of your property.

Conserves Energy

Automatic doors help cut back on building-wide energy usage. The automatic doors can run on low voltage, meaning they will cost you less to run over an extended period. Automatic doors are also insulated, which helps maintain your building’s internal climate. Also, since the doors are only opened when a patron walks into your business, there is less loss of heat occurring through open doors.

Safe Hygienically

Since you do not need to touch automatic doors to open them, they are easier to keep sanitary and clean. This helps to limit the spread of illnesses.

Aesthetically Appealing

Automatic doors look nice and inviting. Using automatic doors creates an aesthetically pleasing entryway into your business as it has a welcoming vibe that is good for business. You can find automatic doors that look contemporary and sleek.

Improves Business

Customers prefer to shop where it is inviting and convenient. Also, since your doors allow everyone to enter your business, you have a higher traffic flow throughout the business, equating to higher sales. 

At Next Day Access, we offer several styles of automatic doors. From the standard Open Sesame Large Wireless Wall Push Pad style to the Open Sesame Model 133-an automatic door opening system for free-swinging doors. Contact your local Next Day Access to schedule a free consultation. Our experts can help you figure out the perfect automatic door openers for your business. 

If you are a business owner, you often likely think of new or creative ways to bring in more revenue. One of the best ways to ensure your business is more successful is to make it accessible to everyone. Most business owners know there are laws for your business to be ADA compliant. These laws vary from state to state, and there are many ways to comply. However, you can also do more than just what is considered compliant. One way is by adding a Vertical Platform Lift to your business. 

What is a Vertical Platform Lift?

A Vertical Platform Lift (VPL), also known as a porch lift, is like a small elevator. It gives access to people using scooters or wheelchairs or people with limited mobility a lift from the ground level to a porch or deck. Many people opt for a VPL because it isn’t as large as most wheelchair ramps and can save a tremendous amount of space.

Vertical Platform Lifts or VPLs are gaining popularity in local businesses these days. If a consumer sees that you offer this form of lift, it shows that you care about all your customer’s needs and that your business is inclusive.

Here are a few other benefits to having a VPL installed at your company: 

First, the VPL gives your customers full access.

Since the VPL will help your customers access each floor in your business, you have all your products or services on full display. For example, if you have a patio only accessible by stairs, a VPL installation would be perfect. The more services or products your customers are aware of, the more interested they might be in trying out services or making purchases. It doesn’t hurt either that the greater access sets you apart from your competition. 

Vertical Platform Lifts help with safety.

It can be dangerous for wheelchair-enabled users or individuals with limited mobility to try to navigate through a building. The VPL keeps customers safe and allows them to feel like they can maintain their independence. Keep in mind, that you never want a liability on your hands, so striving to keep your business as safe as possible is a win-win.

Installing a VPL will give your business a better reputation.

When a business adds modifications that ensure every customer has the best experience, it boosts your company’s reputation. Most successful business owners will tell you that it really is the small things that matter. Making sure your bathrooms are handicap accessible, your pathways are wide enough, and you have lifts so everyone can enjoy the entire establishment says a lot. 

At Next Day Access, we can install a vertical platform lift in no time, with as little disturbance as possible. We can also help in other areas of need, whether you are trying to ensure you are ADA compliant or would just like to offer more amenities to people with mobility concerns. For example, we have a large assortment of grab bars for the bathroom, wheelchair ramps, and much more. Contact us today, and we can help ensure your business is readily available to everyone.

When making modifications to increase the accessibility of your home, it is important to consider the pivotal role good lighting plays. Proper lighting makes your home easier to navigate no matter your mobility level. For a home to be completely accessible, you will need more than just wheelchair ramps and grab bars. You should be mindful of the range of physical abilities and challenges your loved ones must deal with and consider every aspect of the home for diverse users. If you do not make sure to install proper lighting, your loved one could suffer an injury that could have easily been avoided. 

The website ieslightlogic.com gives insightful information on keeping an aesthetically pleasing home with stylish lighting. The modern lighting serves the purpose of helping rather than hindering your loved one. Here are some of the website’s best tips.

Avoid Glare from Lighting

Since wheelchair users are at a lower point in their wheelchair, they are often eye to eye with a lamp or other lighting source. It is essential you position the light at an angle where it does not go directly into their eyes. You can also buy fixtures with reduced glare. 

Navigation Lights

People with disabilities have an increased need for adequate lighting due to spatial navigation difficulties or poor vision. For increased functionality in an accessible home, consider installing track lighting that runs on the ground for the length of the hallways or outdoor pathways. Using LED lighting is helpful since you can place it against walls or on the outside of pathways to help users avoid tripping. The added lighting allows everyone to see more clearly, which aids in navigation and avoiding injury. 

Supplemental Lighting

You can add small round light fixtures; some even stick to walls, around door locks, switches, handles, grab bars, or room landmarks. 

Easy Access Light Switches

One of the most common issues wheelchair users face is not being able to reach light switches. Some are placed at the back of counters which makes them nearly impossible to reach. In an accessible home, it is recommended by universal design principles light switches be placed on the wall at 36 inches or 44 inches maximum. 

Motion Sensor Lighting

For the ultimate safety and accessibility, installing motion sensor lighting is ideal, especially in bathroom areas or outdoor areas. Motion sensor lighting will help your loved one avoid fumbling with a light switch. The lights will simply come on when they enter the space.

At Next Day Access, we offer several items to help people living with disabilities or adults aging in place live comfortably, safely, and independently. We also offer free in-home consultations to help ensure the home is completely accessible. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. 

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