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Your social life does not have to stop if you have mobility concerns. The new app Sociability makes sure anyone with accessibility concerns has a list of detailed and accurate places to enjoy. The goal of the platform is to mitigate potential issues by listing the accessibility of venues on the app.

How the Sociability App Works

An inaccessible venue limits opportunities and social engagement. When you know a venue is accessible, it instills confidence. The Sociability app makes getting detailed, accurate, and reliable venue information easy.

Users log in to the app, and a map pops up. They have the option of clicking orange arrows to show nearby places rated on the app by other users or use the search bar to type in their desired destination. Once they find the destination on the app, they can read what other users experienced when they visited the venue

Who Benefits from Sociability

Sociability is one of the only crowdsourced accessibility platforms. People with mobility and accessibility concerns built the app for themselves and others like them. The app gives accessibility information for popular and fun local shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and more. 

What Makes Sociability Special

One of the best things Sociability is you do not receive generic information about venues but instead get a detailed breakdown. For example, a popular local bar on the app serving customers for years has accessibility information from a former patron. This patron was delighted by the food and service, but they would not recommend the venue to wheelchair users during busy hours. The tightly packed and crowded aisles made maneuverability difficult in a wheelchair. Reviews like this can help you decide whether to visit a venue or not.

Why Sociability is Important

Sociability also aims to help businesses understand the barriers in their business that may prevent people with disabilities from visiting. The hope is communities evolve to include everyone and to be accessible to everyone. Apps like this help create a level of inclusivity for patrons.

At Next Day Access, we are thankful our customers can access this app and its unique resources. We are also available to meet your accessibility needs by offering an assortment of mobility equipment. Whether you are looking for a new wheelchair, would like to rent a lift chair, or need grab bars in the bathroom, we can help with all those needs and more. Contact us today for a free in-home assessment. 

When looking for a mobility device to fit your lifestyle and mobility, there are a couple of different options. Whether it’s for a permanent or temporary use, there are options to help you get around and ride independently. The most popular devices are a power wheelchair or a mobility scooter. The main difference between the two devices is the operation and mobility use. However, understanding what makes the devices unique will help you make the best decision.

Power Wheelchairs 

Power wheelchairs help people with limited strength and stamina to travel distances independently. With a simple control of the joystick, these devices are great for indoors and outdoors. They offer enhanced performance over varied terrains and outstanding maneuverability, making turning corners easy. And no worries about fitting through the halls and door frames of your home because their design makes it accessible. Power wheelchairs utilize various features and styles, such as convenient storage options, portability, or elevated seating.

Mobility Scooters 

As mentioned before, the main difference between power wheelchairs and mobility scooters is the operation. Users control the scooter with a tiller and handlebars. Unlike a power wheelchair, users use a joystick. Depending on your range of mobility will help you decide which device is best for you.

Some features scooters offer are three-wheel or four-wheel, outdoor and indoor use and speed. A three-wheel scooter typically has a sharper turning radius and more legroom. These scooters are more optimal for indoor surfaces. Four-wheel scooters are broader and better suited for outdoor use.

Work With Accessibility Experts to Help You Decide

Overall, your mobility is the deciding factor when choosing between the devices. But once you know which device, there are many different features, designs, and styles to consider before making a purchase. Next Day Access has power wheelchairs and mobility scooters available for rental or purchase. Our accessibility experts can help you choose which device will work best for your lifestyle. Contact us for a free in-home safety evaluation.

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