A typical closet design can be frustrating if you have limited mobility. A custom closet layout will help your mornings be more convenient and help with your mental health. You will be able to get the most from your space and quickly get to those hard-to-reach items. Here are five steps to get you started on achieving more closet accessibility.

5 Closet Accessibility Ideas For Your Aging Loved Ones

1. Change Out the Doors 

The very first step you will want to take is investing in sliding doors for your closet. A traditional swinging door can make it harder to navigate in and out of space. Also, make sure the knobs to push the sliding door open are low enough that you can reach them comfortably. 

2. Hang Two Closet Rods 

When using two closet rods (an upper and lower one), with the lower rod 30″ off the ground, the lower rod placement will be easier if you’re in a wheelchair; this can help reach items without causing strain. For the special occasion garments, they can go on the top rod. When you need your special occasion garments, you can use a pull-down closet rod, which will conveniently bring your clothes down to you. 

3. For Dressers, Think Deep 

Dressers are great for storage space, especially if the dressers are deep rather than narrow. If you’re in a wheelchair the size and placement of drawers matters.  If the drawers are deep the user can store more with less hassle. It is recommended that dressers sit at a height of 33” off the ground to get the most ideal leverage.  

4. Incorporate a Lazy Susan into your Closet 

Yes, the same Lazy Susan one might see in a kitchen. A Lazy Susan is helpful because of its rotation. You will no longer have to reach deep into your closet to achieve your favorite bag. A Lazy Susan is perfect for accessories or even shoes. 

5. Look into Slide Out Storage Features 

When you have limited mobility, slide-out storage features should be a feature of your accessible closet design. Even a laundry hamper would work perfectly. As you need to dispose of dirty clothes, pull the hamper out, throw in the clothes and push the hamper back into its original storage area. Of course, this will also help when it is time to wash your clothes. Just unhook the hamper from its sliding rod, and you are ready to start washing. 

At Next Day Access, our goal is to help anyone with limited mobility feel comfortable and safe at home. With one call, we can do an in-home evaluation to help you identify any area in your home where modifications can help you stay longer in your home. Contact us today for all your accessibility and mobility needs.