It’s the fear that won’t go away, the fear that nags. It’s the fear of falling – but grab bars from Next Day Access can stop that fear before it starts.

Everyone has heard a horror story about a perfectly-healthy older person who unexpectedly falls, breaks a hip, and is soon enmeshed in the cycle of treatment and rehabilitation.

Know the Risks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that one of five falls causes a serious injury, such as broken bones or head injuries. And each year, 2.5 million older people are treated in emergency departments for injuries from falls.

Grab bars are a great way to cut down the possibility of these disastrous tumbles. But let us tell you something else – Medicare does not cover fall-prevention services. As AARP THE MAGAZINE explained it: “Nor does it cover safety equipment that might prevent falls, such as grab bars and stair rails – even though Medicare spends billions of dollars a year on treating the results of falls with surgery and physical therapy services that help patients regain the use of their injured limbs.”

Be Pro-active

Here’s the short version: Be pro-active. Grab bars in the bathroom – in the shower to help prevent slips and near the commode to help with sitting and standing – are your keys to cutting down the chances of an unfortunate and painful incident that Medicare may help repair but will not help prevent.

Are you planning to age in place, to stay in the home in which you built such wonderful memories of family and friends and community? Take a moment to review just how safe you are at home. Then call Next Day Access for your free, in-home estimate on bathroom grab bars and stair rails.

Let Us Help

You are responsible for your safety. You want to be secure and happy in your home. Our “Whole Home-Whole Life” approach means comfort and accessibility in your current home. Next Day Access is your local provider for creating accessibility options within your home. Call us now at (800) 423-0751 today!