How the Baby Boom Generation Impacts Home Accessibility

The baby boom generation has, for many years, and it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Look for a noticeable impact in home remodeling.

Small businesses dominate the home remodeling business and they’ve said that they are enjoying a significant boost from the boomers’ desire to age in place. Many boomers turning to home remodelers want to retrofit their longtime dwelling for continued use.

Many of the changes on the boomers’ wish list are those in Next Day Access’ prime area of expertise. Such improvements include bathroom bars and ramps. Next Day Access of San Antonio can also improve your home accessibility with a stair lift.

The wish to stay put in a home filled with memories is, according to the Associated Press, particularly strong in the Midwest and Northeast, two places where the housing stock is older. We’re also looking at a large chunk of the population weighing aging in place – the oldest of the 76.4 million boomers turn 71 this year. Accessible housing is an issue.

A report by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing forecasts a bump in home-improvement spending by homeowners 65 and older will, by 2025, account for almost one third of the total of dollars spent on remodeling. The 65-plus group spent less than half of that in 1995-2005.

There are many ways in which homes can be made more accessible for wheelchairs and walkers, and plenty that can be done to improve bathroom safety. Call or contact Next Day Access of San Antonio now and find out how your dream of aging in place can come true.

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