LiteShower™ Standard Model in San Antonio, TX

  • Portable ShowerAn individual is rolled into the shower for bathing.

    A portable shower can be setup ANYWHERE in your home – downstairs, upstairs, in the kitchen, in the hallway, even in the bedroom. Warm water comes from your sink faucet. Waste water is pumped into the sink, shower or toilet. After bathing, you fold the shower up and store it away. When folded, the entire unit can fit inside a closet or under a bed – and your room is once more your room.

    Our shower trays are collapsible – they collapse to the floor under your wheelchair but bounce

    back automatically. Shower screens surrounding the tray are free-standing. Once the screens

    are moved out of the way, getting in and out of the tray is like a breeze.

  • How it works: 

     Place the self-supporting/collapsible shower tray on the floor

     Roll in the collapsible shower tray, the tray will automatically collapse under any weight

    of the wheelchair, but bounces back automatically.

     Snap together the free-standing, folding shower screens around the tray. Shower

    curtains slide on all four sides. Tuck the bottom of the curtains into the tray

     Connect the handheld shower to your kitchen faucet with a single snap action. Control

    water temperature and flow at the faucet. Shower head has an ON/OFF control button

    for convenience.

     To drain the waste water that will accumulate in the tray, you place the supplied water

    pump anywhere outside the tray. Pump has a suction hose that goes into the tray and a

    discharge hose that drains water into your sink or toilet. Pump can run dry without

    damage and requires no priming – just plug in the power cord. Always start your pump

    before the showering to minimize the water in the tray

  • Tray Size  3 ft. wide by x 4 ft. long
    Tray Weight  4 lbs.
    Overall Height  4 ft. tall
    (2) bi-fold shower screens
     Each Screen Folded Size  4′ tall x 4′ wide x 2″ thick
     Each Screen Weight  4 lbs.

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