LiteShower™ Shower-In-Bed-Model in San Antonio, TX

  • Portable ShowerFor individuals permanently confined to their bed sponge bathing is usually the only bathing solution. A shower not only maintains general hygiene and reduces skin infection, but it also provides full-body relaxation.

  • How it works: 

     Gently roll the patient to one side of the bed

     Place the self-supporting/collapsible shower tray on the bed

     Gently roll the patient inside the shower tray.

    Tray will collapse to less than 1-inch thick and bounces back automatically

     Put a pillow underneath the shower tray to raise patient's head position

     Connect the handheld shower to an indoor faucet with a single snap action.

    Control water temperature and flow at the faucet.

    Shower head has ON/OFF control button

     Bathe the patient

     Keep water pump running during shower.

    Fix suction hose at bottom of shower tray.

    Dispose waste water into sink or toilet via discharge hose.

     Dry the patient and the shower tray.

     Gently roll the patient out of the tray

     Remove the tray and fold it away

     Snap off the handheld shower from the faucet.

  • Design For People To Take Shower In Bed
    Tray Weight  6.5 lbs.
    Tray Size  3 ft. wide by x 7 ft. long

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