Iamfine Daily Phone Check-in Service Triples Installed Base In Under Six Months

The Iamfine service provides an easy way for people who are living alone to check in every day, letting their loved ones know they are all right.  No technology is required other than a telephone.

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Launch of Affordable Aging in Place Product Revolutionizes Accessible Bathing Options

CleanCut announced the launch of the Convertible, a product allowing an existing bathtub to be quickly and affordably modified for use as a full tub or more accessible step-in shower.

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Mobility Means Mobility Everywhere, Not in the Home Alone

Wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility devices provide users and their families with convenience and safety while enabling them to continue to lead full, rich lives.

Next Day Access of San Antonio, your locally-owned leader in accessibility solutions, makes it so much easier for you to maintain your lifestyle, no matter your destination. Where you go, your device can go with you. No matter what your choice of mobility device, we have a vehicle lift that will allow you to easily transport your scooter,

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Aging in Place: What You NEED to Consider

There is more than enough to think of when planning out your next home the future can often be overlooked. It is important to consider your house plans for growing older.

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Clothing Line for People Who Use Wheelchairs Rebrands to Be Much More Than Fashionable

Here’s a stylish corporate re-branding that’s also designed to make the world easier to navigate for folks who use wheelchairs.

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