Checklist for Managing Aging-in-Place

This in-home safety breakdown is a great place to start when evaluating home access needs

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Home renovation ideas put safety first while aging in place

Renovating your home to make it more accessible for an older loved one or yourself might sound daunting, but experts say there are more products and services than ever to make this doable.

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Stay Safe with Grab Bars from Next Day Access!

This is the fear that cannot be conquered, the fear that won’t go away. It’s the fear of falling.

We’ve all heard horror stories about a perfectly healthy older person who unexpectedly takes a tumble, suffers a nasty injury, and is hospitalized and then in need of rehabilitation services for months to come.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta report that one of five falls causes a serious injury,

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Making an ‘Aging in Place’ Home

We’re debating whether to move in retirement or remodel our existing home. In either case, we’re trying to figure out what features, at a minimum, we should look for in a new house—or add to our current house—so that we can stay in our home as we get older.

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Pool Exercises For Those With Physical Ailments

The pool can provide a great workout for master athletes, but it’s especially advantageous for those who suffer from physical ailments. Here are some common conditions, and the different types of workouts you can do despite your limitations.

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14 Simple Steps To Avoid Falling In Your Bathroom

The potential danger of falling in your bathroom is a common concern for aging homeowners. Simply discussing this possibility causes anxiety for many bathers.

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