From Wheels to Legs Bionics have arrived

Technology has made great strides these past few years in the fields of mechanical engineering, robotics and prosthetics for our disabled brothers and sisters. There are media bits every now and then about humanoid looking robots that can walk and run like human beings, unlike their stiff-walking ancestors.

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12 everyday stretches to stay flexible and fit at any age

When it comes to stretching out your muscles, there are a lot of options to choose from.  Marilyn Moffat took us through the best basic stretches that work for practically everyone.

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Advancing Summer With A Pitch For Pool Lifts

Summer time is coming, and we all know that the living should be easy. But at times it is not, and that is when you can count on Next Day Access of San Antonio, your locally owned and operated leader in home accessibility solutions, to make your summer bright again.

Your swimming pool sits there in the backyard, tantalizing you. You would love to swim a few laps, splash around, enjoy the company of family and friends.

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Aging in comfort: Keeping older seniors in their homes takes planning and attention

The query: What suggestions do you have for helping older family members safely stay in their homes?

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Aging Parents at a Distance Who Aren’t Really ‘Just Fine’

“I’m doing fine.” It’s reassuring to hear when you call a parent who lives far away. But the fact is, seniors living alone in their 70s and beyond may keep serious problems to themselves because they don’t want to worry you or feel like a burden.

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