Caregivers of San Antonio Turn to Next Day Access

AARP Magazine reported in its October/November issue that there are 40 million caregivers in the United States and called them “the real American nobility.”

“We humans show our nobility when we put ourselves aside and care for those in need,” editor in chief Robert Love wrote.

That is so, but caregiving doesn’t come without a toll. The American Psychological Association lists numerous common problems that may affect caregivers, including depression, anxiety,

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Health Tip: Isn’t it about time you started doing push-ups?

As the temperature turns, gym parking lots start looking a little fuller. Worse, the post-holiday rush is near, when New Year’s resolutions will begin to conflict with seasonal overindulgence.

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Service dog changes a veteran’s life

When veteran Michael Bellipanni was struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, his doctor recommended he get a pet. The dog he took home ended up turning his life around.   

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Can You Age in Place in Your Beloved Home?

The reasons to consider aging at home are tangible, relevant and emotional.  The most important for most people is that your home is your comfort zone, your memories and because accepting a lifestyle change can be difficult.

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