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UP Stairlift Stair Lift



The UP Stairlift Straight Stair lift is suitable to fit any staircase with its modular rail design. The rail design allows it to be fully customizable to the customer’s needs and staircase, curved or straight.

With a slimmer design and foldable arms, the chair fits perfectly into your home without preventing others from using the stairs. The rotating chair and automatic footrest will allow for easier accessibility and worry-free about getting on and off.

Unlike other stair lifts, the UP Stairlift is available for rent or buy. The stair lifts are reusable and can be dismantled to use on another staircase.

Each stairlift includes:

  • Rail
  • Chair
  • Automatic swivel chair
  • Automatic footrest
  • Foldable seat and armrests
  • Intercom
  • Safety sensors
  • Safety belt
  • Two charging stations
  • Remote control app

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