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Rane Supportline Washbasin



Rane Supportline Washbasin

Introducing the Rane Supportline Washbasin – designed with ergonomics and individual needs in mind. Offering a blend of functionality, safety, and independence, the Supportline Washbasin is more than a bathroom fixture; it’s a path to self-reliance.

Adjustable Ergonomics

The Supportline Washbasin can be adjusted manually or electrically in height, accommodating the unique needs of each user. Its flexibility ensures an accessible experience for all.

Integrated Handrails

Featuring integrated hand grabs, the washbasin offers reliable support when sitting down or standing up.

Sliding Sideways

The ability to slide sideways makes it an ideal solution for walking-impaired individuals. The sideways motion transforms the basin into a support rail, providing an extra layer of stability.

Cleaning-Friendly Design

Maintenance is made simple with the Supportline’s cleaning-friendly design. Its smooth surfaces and well-thought-out structure allow for easy upkeep.

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Contact your local accessibility expert at Next Day Access to discover how this remarkable washbasin can enhance your bathroom’s safety and functionality. Let us help you take a step towards greater comfort and independence today.

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Rane Supportline Washbasin Installation

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