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Rane Shower/Changing Bed



Rane Shower/Changing Bed

The height-adjustable shower/changing bed makes showering and changing safe and comfortable for the disabled and people with mobility disabilities.

The soft and flexible slats provide the user with optimum comfort, and the electrical height adjustment and the ergonomic design ensure the best possible working environment for the carer. The user-friendliness, the design and the welfare technology results in security and satisfaction for both user and helper.

It is easy to adjust the height of the bed with the hand control, and the bed can quickly be adjusted to the desired level.  For example, you can lower the bench to just 30 cm above floor level making the transfer of a user onto the bed smooth and easy.

The shower/changing bed has a smooth and cleaning-friendly design. Furthermore, it can be folded to an upright position when not in use to save space in the bathroom. Contact your local Next Day Access for more information.

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