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Healthcraft PT RAIL ANGLED


Healthcraft PT RAIL ANGLED

Discover independence, safety, and convenience with the Healthcraft PT RAIL ANGLED. This innovative, angled handrail system is designed with your comfort and accessibility in mind, becoming an essential addition to your home.

Angled Design

The intelligent angled construction of the PT RAIL allows for natural hand positioning, reducing wrist strain and offering ergonomic support.


The adjustable height and angle ensure that the rail meets your specific needs, catering to all users and accommodating different space configurations.

Sturdy Construction

Built with durability and strength, the Healthcraft PT RAIL ANGLED offers unwavering support, allowing for confident mobility.


When not in use, the rail can be easily pushed flush against the adjoining wall, ensuring that it doesn’t obstruct the way.

Ideal for Bathrooms

Specifically designed to provide support in critical areas, the PT RAIL ANGLED is perfect for bathrooms, offering stability during transfers and daily routines.

Contact Your Accessibility Expert

Contact Your Local Accessibility Expert.

At Next Day Access, we’re committed to providing solutions that enhance your life. The Healthcraft PT RAIL ANGLED is just one example of our dedication to quality and care. Contact your local accessibility expert today to learn more about this incredible handrail system and how it can be integrated into your home. Your comfort and safety are our priority.

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 Healthcraft PT Rail Angled Installation

Installation is entrusted to our certified technicians who take the time to understand your individual needs. Each installation is performed with care, attention to detail, and adherence to the highest safety standards. We even offer personalized demonstrations post-installation to ensure you feel comfortable and confident using your new PT RAIL.

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