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Contractor Antimicrobial Vinyl Coated Grab Bar


Contractor Antimicrobial Vinyl Coated Grab Bar: Embrace Cleanliness and Safety

The Contractor Antimicrobial Vinyl Coated Grab Bar is engineered to deliver unparalleled cleanliness and durability.

Advanced Antimicrobial Protection, Easy Maintenance

Stay worry-free and enjoy a safer environment with this innovative grab bar.Its 3mm thick antimicrobial vinyl coating ensures continuous protection against germs, with no maintenance required.

The concealed ABS 4-hole flange plate not only complements your bathroom’s aesthetics but also ensures secure installation. This grab bar offers a non-slip, warm to the touch finish, providing added safety and comfort for users of all ages and abilities.

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Experience affordability without compromising on quality. Our grab bars comes at a price comparable to stainless steel alternatives, ensuring you receive exceptional value. Additionally, its rustproof construction guarantees a long-lasting investment.

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Grab Bar Installation

Designed for your convenience, this grab bar includes installation hardware specifically tailored for wood studs. Enjoy a seamless setup process, as it effortlessly integrates into your living space. Contact your local Next Day Access for professional installation services.

Personal Service Next Day Access Technician

Step 1: Set up a meeting with your Next Day Access specialist to find out what grab bar product is best for you

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Step 2: Our Next Day Access technician evaluates your space

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Step 3: A Next Day Access specialist delivers and installs your new grab bars

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Product Models

Our grab bars are ADA compliant, catering to the needs of everyone. Prioritizing inclusivity, this grab bar guarantees easy grip and stability, making it a reliable companion for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and children.

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