Entry Solutions In Pittsburgh, PA

Ensuring stable and secure entryways is a vital factor providing safety for either your loved ones or business customers who need accessibility. Next Day Access in Pittsburgh offers two entry solutions:  lifts (for a porch or other areas needing vertical access) and ramps. We offer home-owners and businesses many different kinds of ramps. We also offer a portable ramp to meet travel mobility requirements. Next Day Access in Pittsburgh ramps are modular, so they can be changed as your space needs change in the future or if the ramp area requires adjustment or new configurations. Our permanent ramps can be rented or purchased.

Porch Lifts and Vertical Platform Lifts in Pittsburgh, PA


Porch lifts or a Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) can be a wonderful solution for your loved one’s access needs. If family members need to go to raised decks, porches, or landings while using powerchairs, scooters, or wheelchairs, or need to access stairs comfortably, porch lifts are the answer.

They also increase your flexibility with space.  A ramp might not be feasible due to the size of your lot, or a ramp might make your front or backyard unusable.  If either is the case, a porch lift is the answer.

Porch lifts feature excellent safety devices. Movement downward will stop if an obstacle is sensed under the platform, and an upper gate provides safety at the top.

The residential porch lift uses standard 110 voltage. There is also a DC battery-powered upgrade so the device continues to work in case of a power outage. Talk to us at Next Day Access in Pittsburgh, and let us explain the products available. Call today at (724) 717-3750.

Residential wheelchair ramps are a cornerstone of home access solutions. Next Day Access in Pittsburgh can meet the access requirements of loved ones in wheelchairs with flexible, safe, and durable ramps. We can configure a ramp for any area, as well as fulfill any specific customer requests. Next Day Access in Pittsburgh offers the widest selection of wheelchair ramps available. We can bring independent and safe access directly to your door, whether it is found in New Braunfels, Seguin, or Pittsburgh!

Next Day Access in Pittsburgh’s products are made 100 percent in the U.S. They are virtually maintenance free. Each is notable for many safety features, innovation and excellent functionality. We can custom design any ramp to meet your preferences and requirements.


Next Day Access in Pittsburgh’s signature solid-surface wheelchair ramp is one of our most popular products. The modular design offers maximum flexibility and can be easily configured or modified to meet your individual needs and the area in which it will be put down. Installation can be finished in less than a day. Our solid surface ramp is made from all aluminum with a 1,000-pound weight capacity. It is attractive and long-lasting.


The open-weave wheelchair ramp was created especially for snow and other winter weather conditions. It is made from all aluminum. It has two-way traction and a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds. Like the solid surface ramp, the open-weave ramp is modular, so that it can be configured in multiple areas. Like all our ramps, it can be installed quickly, in less than a day.

Wood and Aluminum Hybrid

Do you love the way wood looks?  However, do you worry that it might not last as long as aluminum? If you do, this ramp blends the best of both worlds:  the loveliness of wood and the strength and durability of aluminum. Environmentally conscious accent details made from wood are put in the aluminum structure. The ramp blends with the surroundings and supports you with strong and durable aluminum handrails, legs and structure. Whether you want to age in place or are giving access to a loved one who uses a wheelchair, this hybrid wheelchair ramp is a wonderful option.

Custom Surface

Next Day Access in Pittsburgh is happy to meet various preferences and situations with a wide set of solutions. If a few different ramp surfaces would fulfill your needs, Next Day Access in Pittsburgh can provide additional hybrids as well! Would you like an open-weave surface on the incline but a solid surface on the landing pad? No problem. Next Day Access in Pittsburgh will custom-create a ramp with the various surfaces that meet your specific needs and preferences. We can also provide a number of colors through powder-coating, which offers a range of looks for the ramps.

Portable Wheelchair Ramps in Pittsburgh, PA

At Next Day Access in Pittsburgh, we want to help with any mobility product that would enhance your everyday life. Do you need a solution for your house, your frontyard, or walkways? Or do you want to travel with a family member with disabilities? Portable wheelchair ramps give you options for fun and travel with loved ones.

Have you ever wanted to rent a vacation home or take a carefree road trip but found mobility products en route a problem?  Our portable wheelchair ramps can solve access challenges! At Next Day Access in Pittsburgh, you can buy or rent portable folding ramps with two surface models: 1) non-skid, 29-inch width and 2) solid-surface, 34-inch width. They come in variable lengths, from 2 to 6 feet, and have a built-in carrying handle. They can assembled and disassembled for storage very rapidly and easily.

Portable ramps can be wonderful for home or travel use. Next Day Access in Pittsburgh’s portable ramps have an 800-pound capacity.  Product weight is determined by the width and lengths you need. Portable wheelchair ramps are made from 100 percent aluminum.

Threshold Ramps in Pittsburgh, PA

Next Day Access in Pittsburgh’s threshold ramps possess the safest incline and the highest amount of usable surface space to be found on any threshold ramp on the market. Our threshold ramps contain more than the NFSI requirement for wet Static Coefficient of Friction on a hard flooring surface. Why?  Two reasons:  an anodized surface and special non-skid technology. These features let a wheelchair patient feel more secure as they use the ramp. Caregivers also need to expend less power to push the wheelchair than on other types of ramps. Threshold ramps at Next Day Access in Pittsburgh are made of aluminum, rubber and plastic.

Extra-wide Threshold Ramps in Pittsburgh, PA

If the doors or other entrance and exit areas of your home or business have a very broad entryway, we can help. Next Day Access in Pittsburgh’s extra-wide threshold ramp is 42 inches wide to offer secure access for a broad entryway. We also offer handrails to increase stability if people feel insecure in moving safely through a wide entryway.  Our ramp’s extra width leaves a clearance between the handrails, so for storm doors or screen doors, it is a great solution. It is also ideal for people who feel insecure going over small curbs. For people using walkers or wheelchairs, or those who just want extra stability in dealing with the challenges of walking, an extra-wide threshold ramp provides a helping hand.

Residential Ramp Rental in Pittsburgh, PA

Are you looking at our solutions because of a major change in your life?  It is very likely that, until the event causing the change occurred, you never thought you would have any need for a product like this. We understand. It’s the main reason Next Day Access in Pittsburgh is here—because YOU need us!

It’s also why we developed the rental program. We can help you in defining whether the need is short term. Is a rental option a better choice? Is a loved one using a walker or wheelchair post-surgery?  Are you expecting a long-term guest who needs a stair lift or a ramp?

Or is the need more long term, so buying the ramp would be more sensible economically? Let us visit your home and assess your situation. After that, we are happy to provide options.  Whatever the solution, we can be here for you and help to reclaim life’s comforts for you and your loved ones.

Residential Ramp Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

Whether your installation takes place in Pittsburgh, Seguin, Boerne, or New Braunfels, Next Day Access in Pittsburgh will ensure that the installation process is quick, safe, and comfortable, whatever type of residential ramp we are installing, and whether you have chosen to rent or purchase. Many of our ramps call be installed speedily—your ramp will be ready in only hours! We know that daily activities must go on, and we are aware how valuable your privacy and your time are.  As a result, we know that construction-related disruptions have to be minimized.

Next Day Access in Pittsburgh installs all the products we sell—we are what is known as a Sell, Furnish and Install provider. It also means that we use the highest standards of quality installation practices. You can have complete comfort thinking about installation. Our team is educated by the product manufacturers. Each installer puts a lot of time into studying and installing our products. As new ramp products or upgrades are developed, Next Day Access in Pittsburgh people are intensively informed about them, so that you can have total confidence that our professional has the training to give you the best in access products for years to come.

We are also your neighbors, and give the high quality service that only a locally owned business can do. Call today for a FREE home assessment, product information, or a quote. To discuss putting in a rented or purchased ramp, call Next Day Access in Pittsburgh at (724) 717-3750.

Commercial Wheelchair Ramp and Rental in Pittsburgh, PA


At Next Day Access in Pittsburgh, we offer our commercial customers—from schools in New Braunfels to hospitals and governmental buildings in Pittsburgh–with the most complete line of modular wheelchair ramps on the market. We are proud to partner with nursing homes, hospitals, physical therapy centers, and long-term care facilities.

Our commercial wheelchair ramp system has the same custom order ability and variety of surface options as our residential wheelchair ramp systems do. All commercial ramps are also modular—which creates a higher value and lengthens the potential life of the ramp. This flexible design is often an even greater benefit for a commercial environment. If new construction or structural changes result in adjusting or relocating the ramp, the modular system can be reconfigured using existing components. We can modify the size and shape of the ramp or simply add elements to fit the new configuration. This is why Next Day Access in Pittsburgh is the preferred supplier for engineers, contractors, and architects, across the Greater Pittsburgh area!

We would be happy to give you a FREE assessment, product information, or a quote. To talk about installing a rented or purchased ramp, call Next Day Access in Pittsburgh at (724) 717-3750.


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