These 9 Physical Therapist tips from Journal-Advocate can help with pain and mobility issues, and could even extend your ability to live independently and avoid long-term use of prescription drugs. 

1. “Chronic pain doesn’t have to be the boss of you.”

116 million Americans per year deal with chronic pain, which can have a huge impact on daily life. It can be very expensive and cause a loss of income from missing work. Physicaly Therapists can help to reduct that pain, and provide at-home exercises to help maintain the reduced level of pain.

2. “You can get stronger when you’re older.”

There have been research studies that show that you can still increase your strength and function as you age, even into your 80s. Resistance training recommended by a Physical Therapist is used to continually increase strength and extend your ability to live independently. 

3. “You may not need surgery or drugs for low back pain.”

Physicaly therapy can be very beneficial to treat back pain, potentially in place of surgery and drugs. 

4. “You can lower your risk of diabetes with exercise.”

Regular physical activity can help prevent or manage type 1 and type 2 diabetes – you can get the safest physical activity recommendations from a licensed Physical Therapist. 

Phyical Therapist

5. “Exercise can help you avoid falls — and keep your independence”

Falls are a huge cause of injury among adults age 65+. You can reduce your chances of falling by increasing your mobility using Physical Therapy exercises. 

6. “Your bones want you to exercise.”

Physical Therapists can also provide exercises that improve bone strength, and they work with you to find the exercises that work best with your specific limitations. 

7. “Your heart wants you to exercise.”

“Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S… Research shows that if you already have heart disease, appropriate exercise can improve your health.”

8. “Your brain wants you to exercise.”

Regular physical activity at any stage in life can also reduce the likelihood of developing memory problems!

9. “You don’t ‘just have to live with’ bladder leakage.”

Physical Therapists offer pelvic floor treatments for women and men that struggle with bladder leakage. 

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