Creating Home Accessibility Solutions with Next Day Access

Homes in the future will include many of the design elements that encourage residents to age in place, such as single-floor living, no-step entry and wider doorways.

The future, unfortunately, is not here yet. Nor will these progressive building standards come quickly enough to meet the demands of American demographic trends.

AARP, which is active in the movement to revise the thinking about home construction and home accessibility solutions, reports the following: “When it comes to future needs our nation’s housing is severely deficient.

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How the Baby Boom Generation Impacts Home Accessibility

Expect a noticeable impact by the baby boom generation on the home remodeling industry in the coming years. This demographic has driven the economy for many years, and isn’t stopping now.

Small businesses dominate the home remodeling business and they report that they are enjoying a significant boost from the boomers’ desire to age in place. Many boomers turning to home remodelers are less interested in moving – to a sunnier climate or a tax haven and/or a smaller residence – and wish to retrofit their longtime dwelling for use into their later years.

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What to Know About the Health Care Field

Those who provide care for others, whether it is after surgical procedures or as the result of aging, occasionally need professional help to get the job done.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2016 that nearly 815,000 people are employed in the home health care field, covering numerous areas such as home health care services, individual and family services, continuing care retirement communities, skilled nursing facilities and more.

You may already have used Next Day Access of Orange County,

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Resources for Caregiving Advice

You know you may rely upon Next Day Access of Orange County for home accessibility solutions, excellent financing options and prompt service.

But to whom do you turn for counsel on caregiving and the issues related to it? Sure, Next Day Access of Orange County, your locally-owned and locally-operated provider of home accessibility solutions, can help with stair lifts, ramps and grab bars, but those are features added to the dwelling to mitigate physical limitations,

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What To Know About Tax Deductions With Accessibility Products

Our customers know we are always prepared to offer the best possible prices and financing on our fine line of products and our installation services. Next Day Access of Orange County, your locally-owned and locally-operated leader in accessibility solutions, understands that modifications to a dwelling to enhance accessibility can be expensive. We’re not accountants, but we do know that home accessibility solutions may qualify for a tax credit. With April 15 two short months away,

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What do the Error Codes on Stairlifts Mean?

A stair lift provides an essential service for those who require assistance ascending and descending stairs. Next Day Access of Orange County, a locally-owned and operated franchise, is proud to offer the leading brands – Bruno, Handicare, Harmar and Acorn – of quality stair lifts. These well-made devices offer users peace of mind and provide access to all levels of the home.

What do you do, however, when something goes awry with the stair lift?

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What You Need to Know About Stair Lifts

Next Day Access has years of experience installing stair lifts in homes and businesses throughout the country and with that experience, we’ve also learned a lot both on and off the job from our manufacturers, clients, and partners.

We often get asked by clients what they need to do to prepare their home if they are interested in a stair lift. First off, stair lifts are not ideal for people in wheelchairs. Consider a different type of lift such as a vertical or inclined platform lift.

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Free Your Mind with Next Day Access!

When a family member suffers an injury or an illness that makes accessibility in the home an issue, one natural inclination is to consider selling the home and moving to a place with no stairs and easy access from the garage to the inside of the home.

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Caregivers and Next Day Access

About 25 percent of caregivers in America are 18 to 34 years of age, according to AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving’s 2015 caregiving report. This millennial generation shoulders a great responsibility.

There are huge emotional and mental strains involved with taking care of loved ones, family, the sick or the elderly. Next Day Access can certainly help with some of the physical aspects.

It is not easy to move patients – whether they are in a wheelchair or more or less bound to the bed.

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Caretakers Turn to Next Day Access of Indianapolis for Help

AARP Magazine’s October/November issue reports that there are 40 million caregivers in the United States. It described them as “the real American nobility.”

Editor in chief Robert Love went on to note: “We humans show our nobility when we put ourselves aside and care for those in need.”

Next Day Access of Indianapolis, a leading provider of accessibility solutions, concurs.

Caregiving takes heavy a toll on caregivers.

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