Whether you have decided to age in place, have mobility issues or recently suffered an injury, regaining your independence can be difficult. Not to mention, assisted living and rehabilitation homes can be a stressful and costly option. In 2017, a private room cost more than $97,000 a year, and hiring a home health aide ran upwards of nearly $50,000 per year; an increase of 6.2% from the previous year. A more cost-efficient way to regain your independence is to stay home with a few modifications. Next Day Access has the products you need to make your transition into regaining your independence a success.

Safety: One of the first things to do when modifying your home is to look at potential safety concerns. Will you be able to move around in your wheelchair or mobility scooter? Are there any potential tripping hazards? It is also important to note any thresholds in the home that have any kind of lip, edge or step. If there are doorways in the home that may have a lip, ledge or step, consider using a Next Day Access threshold ramp. With regular and extra-wide sizes, there is a threshold ramp for every entryway.

Accessibility: Are there multiple steps or landings leading up to your front or garage door? This can cause problems for anyone who utilizes a mobility scooter, wheelchair or walking aid. Next Day Access offers a variety of ramps that are customizable to fit your needs. Whether you need a solid surface ramp or open-weave, we have options that fit a variety of climates and functions.

Adaptability: When you modify your home to create the most independence possible, consider all areas including the bathroom and upper levels of the home. There are a variety of products and accessories from Next Day Access that will make your home more accessible for everyday life. Bathroom grab bars are an easy way to ensure that your bathroom is a safe and accessible place for everyone. Both around the toilet and in the shower, grab bars can help with ease of use as well as help prevent injuries. Also, if stairs in the home are preventing complete independence, a stair lift might be a good option. From straight stairs to those that curve, a stair lift can give you ease of access to all floors of the home.

Regaining your independence in the new year does not have to be an overwhelming goal. Next Day Access not only has the products you need, but the experts to make it happen. Contact us today and let us show you what products will benefit you!