Sometimes, in order to age in place, you might require the help of a Home Health Aide. An article by Huffpost detailed how to hire one, and provided a few tips outlined below.

Should I use an agency or find a Home Health Aide on my own?

It may be cheaper to find a Health Aide, but it’s probably still not worth it. You’ll have to vet them as well as have “financial and accounting responsibilities for an employee in terms of withholding taxes and disability insurance”, and do the same for any substitutes that you hire when your regular aide is off. An agency would take all of this off of your plate.

Home Health Aide

Which agency should I choose?

“It is best to use one that is accredited and licensed in some way, so there is oversight of the agency while the agency oversees the aide in your home.” The agency exists to check each Home Health Aide for their certifications, credentials, references, any criminal background, and health records.

A good agency will also communicate well and listen well to your needs. It’s a good idea to have a detailed list of daily care needs, medical needs, and facts about your loved one.

Finally, check references for whichever agency you’re thinking of using, including other clients.

Questions about hiring a Home Health Aide?

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