Getting in and out of your car can be quite difficult when faced with limited mobility. At Next Day Access, we provide solutions for older adults, people with limited mobility, or disabilities, wanting to remain independent and continue living at home. Part of being independent is accessing your vehicle when you need to go for a drive. We offer a variety of products to assist you to safely get in and out of your car. The equipment on this list is perfect for people needing help with automotive mobility.  

Swivel Seat Cushion 

The swivel seat cushion aids users with getting out of their vehicles. The design is simple. It is a round cushion you sit on when you get into the car. When you are ready to leave the vehicle, the cushion rotates towards the door. It helps pivot hips and rotate legs out of a car. The cushion works best on leather seats but can also be used on cloth. A bonus of the Swivel Seat Cushion is that it is made of memory foam, which makes it not only safe but comfortable.


An ultimate automotive safety tool. The HandyBar helps the user sit or stand safely and comfortably while entering or exiting the vehicle. The bar is designed with a non-slip grip to provide stability and balance. It is lightweight and stores easily in your glove box, door compartment, or purse. The unique product also duals as a seat belt cutter and a window breaker in the case of emergencies.

Car Caddie

The Car Caddie provides ease when getting in and out of the vehicle. The support handle is compatible with any vehicle that has a frame around the entire window. It is a durable and strong nylon strap that can support up to 250 pounds.

All of these products can help support you or your loved one. With limited mobility, entering and exiting the car can become troublesome. However, these solutions can help you continue an independent and active lifestyle. If you are struggling to figure out what accessibility and mobility solutions you need, our accessibility experts can help. Next Day Access offers free in-home safety consultations to evaluate homes. Contact us to learn more about how we can make your home safer and more comfortable.