Entry Solutions In Memphis, TN

Ensuring the safety and security of entryways are a major need for both your loved ones and business customers who need accessibility. Next Day Access in Memphis offers two entry solutions:  lifts (for a porch or other areas requiring vertical access) and ramps. We carrya wide assortment of rampsboth for home-owners and businesses. We also offer a portable ramp to meet mobility requirements while traveling. Next Day Access in Memphisramps are modular, so they can be modified if your spatial configurations are different in the future or if the ramp area in your business requires changes or different configurations due to new or remodeled buildings. Our permanent ramps are available for rental or purchase.

Porch Lifts and Vertical Platform Lifts in Memphis, TN


Porch lifts or a Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) can be awonderful way of meeting your or a loved one’s access requirements. If family members need to travel to second- or third-story decks, porches, or landings while using powerchairs, scooters, or wheelchairs, or need to access stairs easily, porch lifts provide the solution.

Flexibility with space also increases with VPLs. If the size of your lot will not allow a ramp to be installed, or there is enough space but it would mean the yard would be completely covered and therefore unusable, a porch lift can be an ideal alternative.

Porch lifts are manufactured with built-in safety devices. The descent stopsif an obstacle is sensed beneath the platform, and an upper gate ensures safe access at the top.

The residential porch lift can be plugged into a standard 110 voltage, the same as other household appliances. A DC battery-powered upgrade that will let the device remain functional in times of a power outage is also available. Talk to us at Next Day Access in Memphis, and let us explain the products available. Call us today at (901) 881-6769.

Ramps in Memphis, TN

Next Day Access in Memphisoffers both permanent ramping solutions and ramp rentals to homeowners and businesses. Ramps afford comfortable and safe access for residential and commercial customers.

Ramps from Next Day Access in Memphiscan installed in a short time frame, are very durable, and ensure the safety you require from our premium products. More detailed information about the kinds and styles of ramps and about installation and rental plansis given below.

Residential Wheelchair Ramps in Memphis, TN

Solid Surface Wheelchair Ramp

Residential wheelchair ramps are a crucial part of access to your home for individuals with disabilities. Next Day Access in Memphis can meet the access requirements of loved ones in wheelchairs with convenient, safe, and long-lasting ramps. We can configure a ramp for any area, as well as fulfill any specific client requests. Next Day Access in Memphis offers the widest array of wheelchair ramps on the market. We can bring independent and safe access directly to your door, whether the door is in Memphis, Collierville, Arlington, Berclair/Highland Heights, or any point in between!

Next Day Access in Memphis’s products are produced entirely in the U.S. They are virtually maintenance free.Each has excellent safety features, innovation and strong functionality. Next Day Access in Memphis can custom design any ramp to fulfill your requirements and preferences.

Solid Surface

Next Day Access in Memphis’s signature solid-surface wheelchair ramp is among our most popular items. It has a high degree of flexibility due to the modular design and it is simple to modify to meet you or your loved one’s individual situation and the area in which it will be put. Installation can be finished in under one day. Our solid surface ramp is constructed from all aluminum with a 1,000-pound weight capacity. It is nice looking and long-lasting.


The open-weave wheelchair ramp was created to deal with cold, snow and icy conditions. It is made from all aluminum. It boasts two-way traction and has a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds. Like the solid surface ramp, the open-weave ramp is modular, which means it is flexible and easy to install in any area. It can be installed rapidly, in less than a day, just like the other ramps.

Wood and Aluminum Ramps in Memphis, TN

Next Day Access’s in Memphis’s wood and aluminum ramp blends the best of both worlds:  the loveliness of wood and aluminum’s strength and durability. The structure is primarily aluminum with environmentally conscious wood accents within the frame. The ramp blends with the ecological surroundings and offers the support of secure and durable aluminum handrails, legs and structure. Want to age in place?  Providing access for a loved one with a wheelchair?  For either situation, this hybrid wheelchair ramp easily fits the bill.

Custom Surfaces

Next Day Access in Memphis is pleased to provide solutions for a variety of preferences and needs with a wide array of ramps. If two or more ramp surfaces would work for you, Next Day Access in Memphis can provide additional hybrids. Do you want an open-weave surface on the incline but a solid surface on the landing pad? Easily done! Next Day Access in Memphis can custom-create a ramp with several different surfaces that meet your individual requirements and preferences. We can also provide a variety of colors through powder-coating, which offers many options for the appearance of a ramp.

Portable Wheelchair Ramps in Memphis, TN

At Next Day Access in Memphis, we want to help you with any access product that help you live your life. Do you need ramps for your home, backyard, or sidewalks? Or one that lets you travel with a family member? Portable wheelchair ramps allow travel and fun with loved ones.

Have you ever wanted to rent a vacation get-away or take a spontaneous road trip but were challenged by accessibility or mobility issues en route? Our portable wheelchair ramps can help! At Next Day Access in Memphis, you can rent or buy portable folding ramps with two surface models: 1) non-skid, 29-inch width and 2) solid-surface, 34-inch width. They come in variable lengths, from 2 to 6 feet, and come with a carrying handlethat is built in. They can be assembled to be utilized and then taken apart for storage with ease and speed.

Portable ramps can be very helpful for home or travel use. Next Day Access in Memphis’s portable ramps have an 800-pound capacity.  Product weight is determined by the width and lengths you require. Portable wheelchair ramps are constructed from 100 percent aluminum.

Threshold ramps in Memphis, TN

Next Day Access in Memphis’s threshold ramps are built with the most safest incline and the highest percentage of utilizable surface space of any currently available threshold ramp. Our threshold ramps contain more than the NFSI requirement for wet Static Coefficient of Friction on a hard flooring surface. Why?  Two reasons:  an anodized surface and special non-skid technology. These elements allow the individual in the wheelchair to feel safer when using the ramp. They also mean that caregivers need less power to push the wheelchair than on other ramps on the market. Threshold ramps at Next Day Access in Memphis are made of aluminum, rubber and plastic.

Extra-Wide Threshold Ramps in Memphis, TN

If your home or business ‘s doors feature a very broad span in the entry area, Next Day Access in Memphis has a product that will help.  Our extra-wide threshold ramp is 42 inches wide to allow safe access into a broad entryway. We can offer handrails to enhance safety if people feel insecure when transitioning safely through a wide entryway. Our ramp’s extra width leaves a clearance between the handrails, so for storm doors or screen doors, it is ideal. It is also a wonderful option for patients who feel insecure transitioning through small curbs. For individuals with walkers or wheelchairs,or individuals who just require extra stability in walking, an extra-wide threshold ramp is there for support.

Residential Ramp Rental Option

Are you looking at our medical equipment because of a significant change in your life?  If so, it is very possible that, until you experience the event that caused the change, you never thought you would require medical equipment solutions like this. We understand. It’s the primary reason Next Day Access in Memphis is here—because YOU need us!

It’s also why we created a rental plan. We can assist you in determining whether the need is likely to last a few weeks or months, or is going to be longer term. Is a rental better for your immediate needs? Will you be having a long-term house guest who is in a wheelchair? Is a family going to need a cane or other assistive device after surgery and will find stairs unfeasible as a result?

Or is the need going to last more than a few months, so purchasing the ramp would be the best alternative? Let us come to your home and discuss your needs. We would be glad to give you details on several options. Whatever products and plans you choose, we will be here for you and help regain the joy of daily life for you and your loved ones.

Residential Ramp Installation in Memphis, TN

Whether your installation will be in Memphis, Collierville, Berclair/Highland Heights, or Germantown, Next Day Access in Memphiswill make the installation fast, safe, and pleasant, whatever kind of residential ramp we are installing, and whether you have chosen to rent or purchase. Many of our ramps call be installed very quickly—you will be able to use it in just a few hours! We know that your daily life needs to proceed without interruption, and we know how important your time and your privacy are to you.  Because we do, we understand that construction-related interruptions have to be completely kept to a minimum.

Next Day Access in Memphisinstalls all the products we sell—we are what is known as a Sell, Furnish and Install provider. It also means that we use the highest standards of quality installation practices. You can becompletely comfortable. Our professionals are taught by the product manufacturers. Each professional has invested major time and effort in studying and installing our equipment. As new ramp products or upgrades are rolled out, Next Day Access in Memphisprofessionals are taught their features, so that you can be totally sure that our installer hasthe training to give you the best access equipment for years to come.

We are also your neighbors, and provide the high quality service that only a locally owned business can do. Call today for a FREE home assessment, product information, or a quote. To discuss installing a rented or purchased ramp, call Next Day Access in Memphis at (901) 881-6769

Commercial Wheelchair Ramp and Rental in Memphis, TN


From schools in Germantown and Arlington to hospitals in Collierville to governmental buildings in Memphis, Next Day Access in Memphis provides our commercial customers with the widest number of possible choices for modular wheelchair ramps available.

Our commercial wheelchair ramp system features the same modular design, custom order ability, and array of available surfaces as our residential wheelchair ramp systems. The large number of options provide enhanced value and improve the life of the ramp. The commercial field often needs to accommodate brand new construction or structural modifications to buildings. Both these often require new configurations or modifications to ramp placement or size. That means that commercial customers need to be able to reconfigure their ramps accordingly. A modular system’s configurations can be easily and rapidly changed; this is even more important to commercial customers than it is to residential customers. With a modular system solution, Next Day Access in Memphis can easily change the existing components, put any additional elements in, and refigure the ramp to accommodate the new space. This is why Next Day Access in Memphis is the preferred supplier for engineers, contractors, and architects across the Memphis area!

Rental Option

Our wheelchair ramp rentals are designed to meet our customer’s needs. If you have a short-term need for a commercial-grade ramp system, then the rental program may be best for you. If you are hosting special events or require temporary structures, ramp rental can be a great alternative. Let Next Day Access in Memphismeet with you to determine the best match for your projects and your buildings. Our expertise and our desire to serve the community are second to none, so let us assist you in finding the optimal product for your commercial needs.

Commercial Ramp Installation

Whatever type of commercial ramp your institution decides upon, and whether you need to purchase or rent, Next Day Access in Memphis will ensure a quick, safe, and comfortable installation. A large number of our ramps call be installed in a few hours!  Any disruption is kept to a minimum, because we know that safe access is needed for your customers.

We would be happy to give you a FREE assessment, product information, or a quote. To discuss about installing a rented or purchased ramp, call Next Day Access in Memphis at (901) 881-6769.

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