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Need more mobility in your bedroom or when transitioning from the bedroom to other residential rooms?  If you do, a patient lift might be a great alternative. A patient lift is medical equipment created to be utilizedby a caregiver when a patient needs to move between rooms or areas:  from a wheelchair to a bed or to a bathroom to use a shower,bathtub, and toilet. Movinga patient between the bed and other partsof your home the residence requires bending and using the muscles of the back and other areas of the body. A patient lift ensures that neither caregiver nor patient is hurt while the patient is in transition.

icon_patient-lift in Memphis, TNNext Day Access in Memphis offers two patient lift options. The first one is a free-standing lift for placement over a bed or in a bathroom. The second one is a ceiling lift fixed to the home’s ceiling. The second one provides the caregiver with more flexibility when moving the patient. A fixed ceiling lift works as a permanent transfer and lifting solution owing to the motorin the track system.It can be used in a single area, or to move an individual between rooms.

The advantages of a fixed-lift system are an easy to use and well-designed carry bar, a greater lift capacity, a battery charger, and long life.

Patient lifts come in basic configurations or can be designed to assist in more complicated situations. They offer the utmost flexibility for the patient and caregiver. Call Next Day Access in Memphis today at (901) 881-6769 to receive information about the options for secure and safe mobility for a patient with disabilities.

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