Accessibility Solutions

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Bathroom Accessibility

At Next Day Access in Memphis, we understand the significant need older people and people with disabilities have for safe and durable bathroom equipment. Residential bathrooms can be a danger because of the various surfaces that are slippery—and tubs, showers, and toilets do not always offer spaces where people can grab as they move around or places that can be used to stop a slip and fall.

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Bedroom Solutions

Need more mobility in your bedroom or when transitioning from the bedroom to other residential rooms?  If you do, a patient lift might be a great alternative.

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Egress Accessibility

Whether your residence is in Memphis, Arlington, Collierville, or points in between, your loved ones need to regain the feeling of being free to move around the home. Therefore, egress accessibility to every level of your home is very important.

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Entry Solutions

Ensuring the safety and security of entryways are a major need for both your loved ones and business customers who need accessibility. Next Day Access in Memphis offers two entry solutions:  lifts (for a porch or other areas requiring vertical access) and ramps.

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Kitchen Accessibility

Kitchens can be one of the home’s best-loved spaces. It may be where family togetherness reaches its peak, or where friends and family congregate for special times. Keeping access to the kitchen can therefore be extremely important for individuals with access challenges or a disability.

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Outdoor Accessibility

If you and your loved ones enjoy the outdoors, you can continue to enjoy it! We can all benefit from the grandeur and beauty of the great outdoors. Next Day Access in Memphis’s accessibility products let your family members take mobility outdoors or relax on a vacation.

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