Unfortunately, the world is not designed for people who utilize a wheelchair or have limited mobility. However, with the latest technology, you can more easily navigate the places you plan on visiting. From mobility friendly venues to taxis with accessible options, these apps can help make sure you are able to get out and explore!

Go Touch Free

With both newer iOS and Android devices, you can have your phone perform tasks just by speaking. Both platforms have intelligent assistants that can do things by simply activating them. If you are an iOS user, you simply need to say “hey Siri” to begin the process of asking your phone to complete a task. For Android users, you need only say “ok Google” to get the process started. From there, you can have your device write a text message, call someone, or even search for something online.


This app is truly a must for anyone who has accessibility needs. Wheelmap allows you to see which buildings and public areas are fully, partially or not accessible to wheelchair users. It also allows a user to add their own input if a building is marked as unknown.


Similar to Wheelmap, Wheelmate is another great app for anyone with accessibility needs. Unlike Wheelmap though, it focuses on smaller, but just as important, accessibility concerns. From wheelchair and mobility scooter accessible parking spaces to bathrooms, Wheelmate’s focus is on practical concerns of being out in public.

Taxi Services

From Uber to Lyft, there are many mobile taxi apps available. However, what is great about these modern applications is that you are able to see and request a ride that is wheelchair accessible. One other convenient aspect about these services is that you don’t need a wallet full of cash for your ride. You preload your credit card of choice into the app and it securely charges you once the ride is over. You even have the option of adding a tip to some services if you choose to.

Although the world wasn’t designed with those that have accessibility needs in mind, it doesn’t mean you need to shy away from getting out. Technology has opened new doors for everyone and can help you plan your next trip in advance. From going hands-free to finding a wheelchair accessible ride, technology can help you plan your next outing.