Most would consider the blustery winds and the chill in the air to be a reason to stay inside and cozy up. And we wouldn’t blame them. Working up the nerve to continue your exercise routine in frigid temperatures can mean you’re sidelined for the winter but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some tips and tricks to staying limber and lean throughout the winter!

  1. Tai Chi – It’s been called a gentle way to fight stress and was designed to teach self-defense, but now you can find it as a form of relaxing, muscle-building and flexibility-increasing workout. The great thing about Tai Chi, is it is low-impact and can be done virtually anywhere. No special equipment is required to complete the workouts. This is a great workout for caregivers looking for an outlet to relieve stress.
  1. Chair Yoga – Did you know that increased flexibility helps prevent against injuries and chronic joint pain? Chair Yoga is the perfect exercise to increase flexibility and increase strength and stability. Poses like Seated Mountain, Eagle Arms and Warrior I can all be done at the kitchen table and adaptations can be made to help complete the exercises.
  1. Swimming – Taking a dip in the pool can help you escape the dreary winter cold. Taking a few laps in the pool or even just walking or treading water can get your heartrate up and give you an activity to do with friends. Other options to consider when it comes to the pool is water aerobics and other fitness classes.
  1. Limbering Stretches – If you’re not able to complete other workouts, you may consider some limbering stretches to keep your body moving and flexible. Rolling your neck, extending your legs and reaching your arms out can help keep you active. These moves should be done every three times a week at the minimum to keep your body in tip-top shape.

Increase your day-to-day physical abilities with these simple indoor activities this winter. Don’t let the winter hold you back from maintaining your health and exercise regimen with these indoor workouts. How do you stay active during the winter? Tell us in the comments below.