The living room is a common space for families and loved ones to gather and spend time together. When designing the layout, creating the different spaces throughout the home to make your new home accessible and more comfortable, safer, and easier to navigate for an individual with limited mobility is essential.

The outdoor space is a part of the home that many people may forget. Having an accessible outdoor space allows your loved one to spend time outside safely. To learn about making your kitchen and bathroom accessible, read part one of this blog. 

At Next Day Access, we understand the importance of meeting all your accessibility needs for the home. We put together a room-by-room list of products and recommendations to enhance your home’s accessibility features.  

Living Room/Entryway/Hallways 

The width of the hallways and entryway should be 36 inches wide to give you plenty of space to maneuver. In the living room, you should keep a wide-open floor plan.

It is recommended that you have at least 5 feet of surrounding open space, so you have plenty of room to navigate around furniture and walls without running into anything. You can also install rails along the hallways. At Next Day Access, we offer rails that are sturdy while also stylish. 


Most wheelchairs and walkers cannot power through grass or mud. Builders must install a wide concrete path to outdoor areas. In addition, make sure they also make the driveway larger. Wheelchair-accessible vehicles require more space, whether they have a lift or a simple sliding door. It is essential to provide ample parking space along paved paths from the driveway to the door.   

At Next Day Access, we are proud to offer many solutions to help build a home that allows you to continue living independently. It is our goal that your home is as safe and comfortable as much as possible.

With the Next Day Access advantage, we are with you from the first step of estimating your needs with a free home evaluation following an installation. Every step of the way, you can count on us. If you are interested in learning more about all the accessibility and mobility products we offer, contact us today.