There is a multitude of reasons why you may need to modify your home to make it more accessible. Whether you are aging in place or have recently suffered an injury, home modifications can make your living space a safe and comfortable place to be. However, when you make the decision to renovate or change your home, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

Are entryways and doorways easily accessible?

Starting from the outside of your home, how easily are you able to gain entry? Be sure to note any cracks or unevenness in the driveway or sidewalk. These bumps can cause falls and potential injuries. Are there stairs leading to the front door or garage door? You may need a ramp in order to safely and easily gain entry to your home. Next Day Access offers customizable American made ramps that are virtually maintenance free.

Is your flooring mobility friendly?

Flooring can cause issues for those that use a mobility device such as a wheelchair or scooter. The best flooring for easy movement is a hard non-slip surface that is nonporous. This type of flooring helps prevent trips that can come from wrinkled carpets and rugs. It also makes spills easy to clean up thus preventing slippery surfaces.

Is the bathroom accessible and safe?

Bathroom injuries are some of the most common sources of emergency room visits. From slippery surfaces to ease of access issues, bathrooms have plenty of hazards to think of when you decide to modify your home. One way to easily increase the safety of your bathroom is to add grab bars. These can help ease access into and out of the shower as well as the toilet. It allows the user to steady themselves and prevents slips and falls. Barrier-free showers are another way to increase safety in your bathroom. Instead of stepping over ledges to gain entry to the bathing area, you can easily walk, or use your wheelchair, to gain entry.

When you get ready to modify your home to make it more accessible, make sure you pay attention to all areas. From the outside of your home to the bathroom, there are potential hazards you will need to alter. Next Day Access is ready to help you make any necessary adjustments to your home. Call us today for your free estimate, so you can feel safe in your home again.