No one wants to become a scam victim, but it could easily happen if you aren’t aware of the various tactics and methods scammers use. Seniors tend to be targeted more than other people simply because they are more vulnerable. Falling victim to a scam can lead to serious financial consequences, identify theft, embarrassment, and even fear. When caring for a loved one, it’s important to make them aware of what scams are being used today and how they can recognize them and prevent themselves from becoming victims.

Don’t Answer The Phone From An Unrecognized Number

Scammers are good at making their phone numbers as recognizable as possible. It’s not uncommon for seniors to receive a call from an unknown number, but they answer it anyway because it contains their area code. The most ideal advice when providing senior care is not answering any calls from phone numbers they don’t already have in their phone. Help them put all of the important numbers in their phone, so the name pops up on the caller ID. There may be times when a friend or family member calls and you don’t have their number, but they should either leave a voicemail or follow-up with a text message so you can verify the legitimacy of it.

Store Sensitive Information Securely

Seniors should not carry around their social security cards, insurance information, or anything else containing sensitive information. Just use these documents when needed on the day of medical appointments or any other necessary purpose. Seniors should know that most medical facilities will not contact them to provide this type of information over the phone. If someone who calls you is claiming to be a representative from a facility you visit and asks you for sensitive information, hang up and call them back so you know you’re talking to a legitimate representative since you initiated the call.

Monitor Financial Statements And Credit Reports

Sometimes even the most cautious seniors practicing independent living can fall victim to identity theft or other kinds of theft. Credit card numbers can be stolen online in various ways, computers can be hacked, and much more. When caring for a loved one, help them monitor financial statements and credit reports manually or set them up with a monitoring service. They can receive a notification every time a transaction is made or if their name is used to apply for credit and immediately stop the crime.

Promote Open Communication With Seniors

Seniors may not want to admit they’ve been a victim of a scam. It’s essential to have open communication lines when providing senior care to a loved one so they’ll feel comfortable telling you when an event like this happens. They may not know what they can do, but by telling you, both of you can talk about options and find the right solution to protect their credit, finances, and overall peace of mind.

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