There are lots of talks about the dangers of outdoor pollutants in the air. But what some people may not realize is the air pollutants that exist inside your home. Indoor air quality should be seen as a priority, especially for those aging in place who are indoors more often than others. The World Health Organization mentions several health concerns related to poor indoor air quality, including cardiovascular disease, acute lower respiratory infections, lung cancer, and more. We’ve discussed some of the health benefits of having clean indoor air.

Mental Health Benefits

People exposed to certain particulate matter regularly could have a higher chance of having poor mental health. The particulate matter can create oxidative stress and inflammation of the brain, leading to depression. An easy-to-change healthy habit is to switch the use of household products that contain harsh chemicals to natural cleaning products. Also, consider including indoor plants in your home to help purify the air. Snake plants and English ivy are two common household plants that can improve indoor air quality and mental health.

Reduce The Chances Of Developing A Disease

Part of senior living is knowing what is beneficial for your health and what isn’t. While things like wood-burning stoves are nice and warm in the winter, breathing in the pollutants can be harmful and eventually lead to developing a disease. Some healthy habits to consider in this regard include replacing your wood-burning stove with another safer option. Depending on the heat source you have for the winter, it is also ideal to have a professional inspect it annually to ensure it’s operating correctly and not releasing harmful pollutants in your home.

Increase Comfort Levels In Your Home

Good indoor air quality can also help seniors aging in place feel comfortable at home. When certain particulates are in the air, they can cause coughing, sneezing, skin irritation, and other side effects. Depending on the time of year and where you live, consider opening up windows occasionally when the weather is nice outside. You can also consider investing in an air purifier that removes pollutants from the air. You might be surprised at how comfortable you feel overall in your home when you clean up the air.

Many different factors go into successful independent senior living. From indoor air quality to navigating the home safely, everything needs to be considered. Next Day Access is here to help seniors have a safe and enjoyable experience while aging in place. If there’s anything you need to improve the accessibility of your home, contact us today to schedule a free home assessment.