When you have a physical disability, some of the simplest tasks can be challenging. It’s always important to ask for help when you need something so you can prevent hurting yourself. You should also use the resources available to you to make life a little easier. Nike has designed a new hands-free tennis shoe to help a person with disability concerns put their shoes on with ease. The company has made tremendous strides in adaptability and creating shoes more accessible to people so you should learn more about the Nike GO FlyEase hands-free shoes.

How Nike’s Hands-Free Tennis Shoe Works

The Nike GO FlyEase shoes are designed with a tensioner and a bi-stable hinge that functions similarly to a rubber band. The shoe opens and closes without having to use your hands and will remain secure and stable in each position. All you have to do is slide your feet in and you’re ready to go on your adventures, even if you’re just walking from one room to another or into your backyard.

Who Can Benefit From The Hands-Free Shoe?

Nike designed the GO FlyEase shoes for people with a physical disability. However, anyone who is too busy to tie their shoes or simply doesn’t like tying shoes can benefit as well. Imagine wrangling up kids in the morning to go to school, rushing to get to work, or even being a college kid trying to get to class on time. It seems like tying shoes can set you behind even though it just takes a few seconds to do. The ability to simply slip on the shoes and still look stylish is highly underrated and can benefit a wide range of people.

Make Life Easier And More Accessible When Possible

A person with disability concerns should look for ways to make life easier. The Nike GO FlyEase shoes are available to do exactly that. People with a physical disability often don’t realize how much of a struggle it is to put on their shoes, but they have to do it because they don’t know any other way. Life is all about adaptability, and Nike’s hands-free tennis shoes allow you more independence and convenience when putting on your shoes.

Next Day Access offers mobility aids and devices to complement your Nike hands-free tennis shoes. Just like Nike’s GO FlyEase shoes, our products are designed to help people with mobility limitations move around easier and gain more independence. If you’re looking for ways to boost your accessibility and convenience in your home, contact us and we would be happy to talk to you about our products.