We all want to feel like our home is an oasis. It is the one place that we should feel the safest and most comfortable. For anyone with a disability, this can be especially true because sometimes the world is not always an accommodating place. In many cases, home accessibility equipment becomes the answer to improve quality of life and ability to live independently.

Unfortunately, it can get expensive to maintain, update or renovate a house with professional accessibility modifications. If you are a homeowner, this could mean dipping into your savings account, refinancing your home, getting a home equity line of credit, or looking into other refinancing options. Ideally, insurance would cover everything, but that is just not the case, and others may not have insurance. Everyone’s situation is different. Whether you are newly injured or have an illness that requires mobility equipment to get around, most people with disabilities, at some time, need aid in financing mobility equipment. Help is out there if you know where to look. 

To get the ball rolling, your first step should be calling Next Day Access. At Next Day Access, we work with our customers to help them determine what accessibility products would work best for them. We will come to your house for a free home safety evaluation. The evaluation will allow us to inspect the different rooms in your home. With that, we can see what accessibility products would make your home a more comfortable and safer environment. Once your Next Day Access professional determines what products you need, you will begin the financing process. 

You can start by taking the time to research disability-related grants. HomeAdvisor.com has an extensive list of grants to help you fund mobility equipment, renovations to your home, or even purchasing a home with accessibility needs already installed. I.e., wider hallways or lower cabinets. Some grants cover only part of the expenses, while others award the entire cost. 

You can also take advantage of state assistance programs like the Assistive Technology Projects. The Assistive Technology Project aims to increase aging individuals or people with disabilities access to assistive technology. These projects give short-term or long-term loans for accessibility equipment but do not charge interest on the loan.  

There are several different opportunities for receiving aid for funding your accessibility needs. Next Day Access also offers funding. You can choose to rent accessibility products if your disability is temporary. We also offer rent-to-own and other financing options if you have a permanent disability. At Next Day Access, we treat our customers like family. Our goal is to make sure your home is as accessible and comfortable. Contact us to schedule your home evaluation or to discuss your options.