A stair lift gives those who need a bit of help climbing and descending stairs easy access to all levels of their home. Next Day Access is proud to offer the leading brands – Bruno, Handicare, Harmar and Acorn. These well-made units also provide peace of mind to their users.

What happens, though, when something goes wrong with the stair lift? How do you troubleshoot the issue and perhaps avoid a service call?

Here some error codes to keep handy for a Bruno stairlift:


A2 Seat in up position, seat fold switch closed

A3 Seat out of riding position (swivel limit open)

A7 Seat or Footrest jammed (actuator stalled)

C1 Charging

C2 Off Charge

C3 Off Charge and Not Parked

C4 Parked and Charger Not Detected

C5 Battery Voltage Critical

C6 Battery Voltage Low

L1 Seat Safety Switch Open

L2 Up Limit Switch Open

L3 Down Limit Switch Open

L5 Seat Fold Switch Open

L6 Mid-Rail Park Active

L8 Soft Stop Switch

If you hear a single beep, check the swivel and footrest and clear any obstruction. If you hear a continuing series of beeps, the unit is not on the charging station.

Here are some error codes to keep handy for Acorn:

Acorn will display a number of visual error codes in the event of unit malfunction. Some are simple for the user to handle without calling a technician.

The letter C indicates batteries are flat. Remedy: Leave at the charge point for one hour.

The letter E represents a brake problem. Remedy: Try a reset, or recharge the batteries.

The letter F can mean an engine failure. Try a reset, or turn the power off for 30 seconds and back on. If this does not solve the problem, a technician will be needed.

Other codes to know: The number 4 means the seat is turned. Remedy: Reset the seat position; the number 5 indicates the key is off, so check that the key is in and turned clockwise.

These units are efficient, well-designed and should run with minimal problems as long as they are properly maintained. Troubleshooting minor issues will often get the lift back on line. Otherwise, a service call may be needed.

Count on Next Day Access to be there for you to assist with your stair lift.