Rent or Buy

Rental Option

Next Day Access in Detroit, MI is here when you need us, even if that need is only temporary. Renting a wheelchair ramp, a straight stair lift or a portable patient lift is an option that may best suit your accessibility need. A rental is recommended when the desired access is only required for a short duration, such as having a guest in your home, or a loved one with a temporary injury, or assistance in accessing parts of your home.

Our professional local team member will meet with you to determine the best solution for your need. Contact us today to have your need assessed – absolutely free.



Purchase Option

Purchasing your products from Next Day Access in Detroit, MI is designed to be a pleasant experience. We fully understand that many times the decision to purchase an accessibility product for your home is of the most urgent need, and that you are trying to learn new things quickly, and this can lead to some stress. Next Day Access is designed to come to your home, visit with you or your family members or loved ones, and give you the information that will help you make the right choices. We look beyond today’s urgent need, and help you to look at all things that may change over time, giving you the information required to make the best choice, not just for today, but for tomorrow and beyond.

We can also work with you on financing and pricing! Learn more about us here and contact us for you home accessibility needs!

Take a moment and call Next Day Access in Detroit, MI today and allow us to help you through the changes in your life and your surroundings to give you peace of mind.

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