Want a ‘Forever Home’? These 6 Renovations Will Help

We all have our own vision of how we’ll one day retire, from whiling away our days with our grandkids to hitting the pickleball courts every morning, to joining the Rolling Stones on tour (because they will never, ever go away).

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Handymen, home care helps seniors trying to age in place

Where you live plays a big role in staying independent as you age. Now researchers say an innovative program that combined home fix-ups and visits from occupational therapists and nurses improved low-income seniors’ ability to care for themselves in their own homes.

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What You Need to Know About Stair Lifts

Next Day Access has years of experience installing stair lifts in homes and businesses throughout the country and with that experience, we’ve also learned a lot both on and off the job from our manufacturers, clients, and partners.

We often get asked by clients what they need to do to prepare their home if they are interested in a stair lift. First off, stair lifts are not ideal for people in wheelchairs. Consider a different type of lift such as a vertical or inclined platform lift.

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Tax Credits For Ramps, Grab Bars To Help Seniors Stay At Home

Wheelchair ramps are among the home modifications that older adults may need to stay where they live. Several states have considered bills that would give tax credits to residents who make their homes more accessible. Read More…

How can OT help you?

Occupational therapy provides the skills to help people lead productive and satisfying lives.

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