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One of the crucial elements in preparing a home for a family member or a business for customers who need accessibility is to ensure that their entryways are secure, smooth, and comfortable. Next Day Access in Colorado Springs offers two categories of product:  lifts (for a porch or other areas needing vertical access) and ramps. We offer ramps in a variety of styles both to home-owners and to businesses. We also carry a portable ramp to meet access requirements when you travel. Next Day Access in Colorado Springs ramps are modular, so they can be moved around easily when structures change or if the ramps need to be reconfigured or adjusted. We are pleased to offer both rental and purchase options for permanent ramps.

Porch Lifts and Vertical Platform Lifts


Porch lifts or a Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) can be an optimal means of solving your accessibility needs. For loved ones who need to reach raised decks, porches or landings while using wheelchairs, powerchairs or scooters, or want to access a stairway comfortably, porch lifts or VPLs offer mobility.

They can fit for the configurations of your residence with ease as well.  If a ramp is not feasible because of square footage concerns, or a ramp would cover nearly all the available yard space, a porch lift can provide the solution.

Porch lifts are equipped with safety devices so that their movement is safe for patients with disabilities.  A device will stop the descending lift if it senses an obstacle beneath the platform, and an upper gate provides security at the top.

The residential porch lift uses standard 110 voltage. There is also a DC battery-powered upgrade that will allow operation in the event of a power outage. Talk to us at Next Day Access in Colorado Springs, and let us offer you with the best option for your situation. Call today at (719) 494-0443.



Solid Surface Wheelchair Ramp

Next Day Access in Colorado Springs provides both permanent ramping solutions and ramp rentals to homeowners and businesses. Ramps allow easy and safe access to homes or businesses.

Ramps from Next Day Access in Colorado Springs can be installed quickly, are very long-lasting, and allow the safety you expect from our top quality products. Find out more about what type of ramps meet your needs and installation and rental options below.

Solid Surface

Next Day Access in Colorado Springs’s signature solid-surface wheelchair ramp is one of the most in-demand ramps we sell. Configuring to meet your needs is simple, so it can be up and ready to use in a few hours. Its weight capacity is 1,000 pounds. It is constructed from durable aluminum, and was created specifically to create a safe and nice-looking access ramp.


In Colorado Springs, we know how hard winter snow and ice can be to move a wheelchair or walker in—especially for a loved one with a disability. Because we are intimately familiar with the risks of our weather, we created a product specifically for customers who live where snow and ice can be found a lot in the winter–an open-weave surface wheelchair ramp. The ramp is all-aluminum and features two-way traction and a 1,000-pound weight capacity. Like all our ramps, the open-weave ramp is modular and can be installed and ready for use in just several hours.

Wood and Aluminum

This modular design has two great features:  the environmentally conscious beauty of wood and aluminum’s durability. Therefore, the ramp is ecologically friendly and also provides strong support with aluminum handrails, legs and support structure. Accent wood is a design element in the aluminum frame. Do you want to address the daily mobility needs of a patient with a disability?  Or are you aging in place? Find a solution in this safe and nice-looking ramp.

Custom Surfaces

Next Day Access in Colorado Springs knows that hybrid top of ramp areas can sometimes be the best option for our customers. So we offer blends as well! Do you want an open-weave surface for the incline because of the weather but a solid-surface landing pad? We can easily supply hybrids to fit your needs. Next Day Access in Colorado Springs custom-creates the best combination for your personal wants and needs. A number of colors are available as well with powder-coating, which means that you have multiple color options.

Portable Wheelchair Ramps

At Next Day in Colorado Springs, we know how many wonderful vacation areas there are close by. Do you ever want to get away for a day or so to the mountains? Have you rented a cabin by a lake?  Or do you want to take a disabled family member on a longer vacation? Take accessibility on the go with Next Day Access in Colorado Springs’s portable wheelchair ramps! Two surface options are available: 1) non-skid, 29-inch width and 2) solid-surface, 34-inch width. Each comes in a variety of lengths, from 2 to 6 feet. Transporting the ramp is easy:  it has a built-in carrying handle. Portable ramps are ideal for home or travel use. Next Day Access in Colorado Springs portable wheelchair ramps will hold an 800-pound capacity.  Portable wheelchair ramps are made of 100 percent aluminum. The weight depends on the options for length and width you need. They are easy to store.

Threshold ramps

Next Day Access in Colorado Springs’s threshold ramps feature the safest incline and the most usable surface space of any similarly designed ramp. Our threshold ramps exceed the NFSI requirement for wet Static Coefficient of Friction on a hard flooring surface because of their special non-skid technology and anodized surface. What do these two things contribute? The person in the wheelchair has a greater sense of safety as they travel up and down the ramp. Less energy is needed on the part of the individual pushing the wheelchair. Threshold ramps are available in aluminum, rubber and plastic at Next Day Access in Colorado Springs.

Extra-Wide Threshold Ramps

Is your access concern a wide entryway in some areas of your house or your organization?  Next Day Access in Colorado Springs carries an extra-wide threshold ramp that is 42 inches across for wide doorway areas. Need some stability maneuvering through the door? Handrails are an option to create a secure feeling for your family members who might need some stability assistance.  Clearance between the handrails is possible because of the width, so it is great for storm doors or screen doors. It is also a good choice for small curbs. For individuals using walkers or wheelchairs – or even for loved ones only a bit unsteady when the walk–an extra-wide threshold ramp works as a full-size, gently inclined walkway. Next Day Access in Colorado Springs’s threshold ramps come in aluminum, rubber and plastic models.

Residential Ramp Rental Option

You are very likely looking at our products and offerings due to a change in your life. Before it happened, you didn’t know you were going to have a need like this. We understand. And we want to assure you that this is the very reason Next Day Access is here–FOR YOU!

It’s also why we developed the rental program. We can help you decide whether the need is temporary. Will a rental option work? Is a family member needing a wheelchair or a walker postoperatively?  Or will a friend or family member who uses a wheelchair be staying with you for a visit? Or is the need more permanent, so purchasing the ramp will better suit the situation? Let us visit you and find out about your lifestyle so that we can make helpful suggestions. In any case, we will meet your needs and get you and your loved ones back to enjoying life again.

Residential Ramp Installation

Whatever type of residential ramp you choose, and whether you have chosen to rent or purchase, Next Day Access in Colorado Springs will help by making installation as quick as possible, safe, and comfortable. Many of our ramps call be installed very rapidly. Your product will be up and available in only a few hours! Any interruption to your daily activities will be minimal, because we know that your time and privacy are highly important.

We are a Sell, Furnish and Install provider. This means that we install all the products we sell. It also means that we provide quality installation that affords you complete peace of mind. Our professionals are educated by the product manufacturers. Each team member has put significant time into studying and installing our products. As new products are developed or enhancements made to ramp products, Next Day Access in Colorado Springs professionals participate in ongoing training to insure that you not only have the best product for your need, but that you also have complete confidence that your installer is knowledgeable and trained to provide you with a secure environment in your home now and into the future.

We also offer the superior service of a locally owned business. We would be happy to give you a FREE home assessment, product information, or a quote. To talk about installing a rented or purchased ramp, call Next Day Access in Colorado Springs at (719) 494-0443.

Commercial Wheelchair Ramp and Rental


At Next Day Access at Colorado Springs, we provide our commercial customers—from schools to hospitals to governmental buildings–with a full array of modular wheelchair ramps. We are proud to partner with nursing homes, hospitals, physical therapy centers, and long-term care facilities.

Our commercial wheelchair ramp system has the same custom order ability and variety of surface options available on our residential wheelchair ramp systems. It is also modular in design, which provides more value and lengthens the ramp’s life. In a commercial environment, having this flexibility can be a useful advantage. If new construction or structural changes to the building call for relocating or adjusting the ramp, the modular system design enables us to use the existing components. We can reconfigure the ramp or just add components to meet the new needs or requirements. This is why Next Day Access in Colorado Springs is the preferred supplier for architects, engineers and contractors across our area!

Rental Option

We offer wheelchair ramp rentals to meet our customer’s needs. If you have a short-term need for a commercial-grade ramp system, then the rental program may be your best option. If you are planning special events or need temporary structures, ramp rental can be a great solution. Let us at Next Day Access in Colorado Springs visit you to determine the solution that best fits your projects and structures. We bring our expertise and our desire to serve the community to what we do, so let us assist you in your commercial needs.

Commercial Ramp Installation

Whatever type of commercial ramp your institution has chosen, and whether it is a rental or a purchase, Next Day Access in Colorado Springs will make sure that the installation fast, safe, and comfortable. Most of our product lines is available for immediate installation.  Your product will be available for use in just a few hours!  Any interruption is minimal, because we know that your time—and safe access–is essential.

We would be happy to give you a FREE home assessment, product information, or a quote. To talk about installing a rented or purchased ramp, call Next Day Access in Colorado Springs at (719) 494-0443.

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