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Stair lifts are delivered and installed by highly trained and certified home accessibility professionals from Next Day Access of Colorado Springs. Most importantly, home is the place where we find sanctuary and comfort in familiar surroundings. Why settle for anything less than total access to each floor of your home?

With elegant touches and master craftsmanship, our stair lift selection meets the needs for different weight capacities and configurations. Stair lifts from Next Day Access are available in a variety of styles and models and include additional options like a powered swivel chair or folding rails at the bottom of the staircase so that the rail does not impede high traffic areas or doorways.

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handicare-logo Handicare offers solutions and support to increase the independence of disabled or elderly people as well as to improve the convenience of those who are caring for them. It is our mission to make everyday life easier and has been since 1886. We are committed to making everyday life easier for disabled and elderly people. And to empowering them to live an active life – on their terms. At the same time, we want to support those who assist them. We offer the 1000 Outdoor stairlift, 1000 Indoor Stairlift, Simplicity Stairlift, 2000 Outdoor Stairlift, Remembrandt Indoor stairlift, Van Gogh Stairlift, 2000 Indoor Stailift, Vermeer Indoor Stairlift and Xclusive.

harmar-logo2Harmar is the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of mobility and accessibility solutions including auto lifts, stair lifts, platform lifts, pool lifts and more. Harmar products provide a lift to those who utilize wheelchairs and scooters to help them get the most out of life.

Xclusive Straight Stairlift


The Xclusive has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that you will receive a stairlift you can trust. Designed to be easy to identify, the operating toggle has evolved from a tried and tested design that resulted from a collaboration with occupational therapists…READ MORE

Handicare 1000 Outdoor Stairlift

Outdoor Stairlift

The Handicare 1000 Outdoor stairlift is fully waterproofed and designed to overcome the problems caused by external straight stairs. Supplied with UV protected Slate Grey upholstery the 1000 Outdoor stairlift also comes with a waterproof cover to keep it protected from the weather so it is always ready for use….READ MORE

Handicare 1000 Indoor Stairlift

Outdoor Stairlift

The sleekest track in our range. The Handicare 1000 indoor stairlift provides comfort and support and gives the option of upgrading with powered features. In addition this anodized aluminum rail offers a stylish solution with a hidden gear rack. Moreover, the 1000 is the narrowest straight stairlift track on the market which can also be installed outdoors…..READ MORE

Handicare Simplicity Indoor Stairlift

Outdoor Stairlift

A safe, practical and reliable solution for your straight staircase. If you do not require powered options, and you have a straight staircase, the Simplicity offers you a safe and cost effective way to overcome the challenge of climbing your stairs…..READ MORE

Handicare 2000 Outdoor Stairlift

Outdoor Stairlift

Specially designed for your outside curved stairs The Handicare 2000 Outdoor stairlift is fully waterproofed and designed to overcome the problems caused by external curved stairs.  Supplied with UV protected Slate Grey upholstery, the 2000 Outdoor stairlifts come with a waterproof cover to keep it protected from the weather so it is always ready for use…READ MORE

Handicare Rembrandt Indoor Stairlift

Outdoor Stairlift

The Handicare Rembrandt stairlift runs along the narrow (inside) side of the stairs, the open section of the stairs remains completely free for other stair users to pass by…READ MORE

Handicare Van Gogh Indoor Stairlift

Outdoor Stairlift

This Handicare Van Gogh indoor stairlift provides a safe, smooth and comfortable ride up even the most complicated of staircases. It consists of a single tubular track. Moreover, the track is available in three standard colors. It runs almost silently and the compact design allows plenty of space for other stair users….READ MORE

Handicare 2000 Indoor Stairlift

Outdoor Stairlift

The Handicare 2000 indoor stairlift is a well-established and versatile stairlift system with the tightest track bends. It can accommodate a wide range of stair configurations and will hug the edge of your staircase leaving you with more room to pass by on the steps…READ MORE

Handicare Vermeer Indoor Stairlift

Outdoor Stairlift

The Handicare Vermeer indoor stairlift has been designed specifically for multi-story homes and homes with spiral staircases….READ MORE

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