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Whole Home, Whole Life Approach to Accessible Living

At Next Day Access in Charleston, we begin with YOUR story. Who are you, and what is your situation? What life changes caused you to think about accessibility solutions? What is your everyday life like? What do you need help with? Whatever your story, we use it to offer you the best service available. At Next Day Access in Charleston, we use it to offer a “whole home, whole life” accessibility solution.

What is “whole home”? It’s a solution that covers each area of your home and provides professional accessibility options that let you enjoy freedom and independence in each level of your house. What is “whole life”? It’s a solution that makes your home fit your mobility requirements, for today and for the long term, and that meets the needs of your unique life story.

We will develop a turnkey solution to let you stay at home at long as you wish. Finding the best solutions for each area of your residence can be a puzzle. Keeping you in your houseis our method of helping you solve the puzzle.


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