Egress Accessibility

One of the most important effects that egress accessibility to every level of the home can have is to continue or restore the feeling of being able to move to every comfortable and loved spot in the home. Wherever it is located, home should be a place of relaxation and comfort among familiar surroundings. A multilevel or multistory home can present challenges to a loved one navigating the home. With Next Day Access, your loved one can have total access to each floor of the surroundings. Our dedicated professionals are here to help you choose the solution that best fits your needs in moving from level to level confidently and safely.

Stair Lifts

icon_stair-liftNext Day Access offers the finest selection of stair lifts. Each model features elegant design and beautiful craftsmanship, and can be configured for different weight capacities and needs. We can also provide a powered swivel chair or folding rails at the bottom of the staircase so that the rail does not get in the way of doorways or inhibit your family’s movement in high traffic areas.

Stair lifts are designed to meet your mobility needs while maintaining your independence. We can supply you with stair lifts for your home, to provide access for every level, or outside the home, for patios, sidewalks, or vacation get-aways. All Next Day Access stair lifts are guaranteed to have superior service. Our installation team is factory certified and immediate installation is available with most models.

We are here for one reason above all–FOR YOU! Our dedicated professionals are here to help you choose the stair lift that will best suit your needs and help you keep your independence.

Purchase Stair Lifts at Next Day Access

We have designed purchasing your products from Next Day Access to be a pleasant experience. We understand your situation:  many times the decision to purchase an accessibility product for your home is an urgent need. That means that you must learn new things quickly, which can be stressful. Next Day Access is designed to come to your home, visit with you and your family members or loved ones, and provide you with information that will help you make the right choices. We look beyond today’s urgent need, and help you to look at all the considerations that may change over time. You will have the information required to make the best choice, not just for today, but for tomorrow and into the future.

Whether you decide to purchase, we will take care of you and get you and your family back to enjoying life again. If you have a temporary need for a stair lift, Next Day Access can quickly install a lift to suit your needs.

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