With warmer temperature right around the corner, being out and about is on everyone’s mind. Whether that’s spring cleaning around the house or getting outside and enjoying the sunshine, getting around is the thing to do. However, with more movement, and rainier weather, slippery surfaces means more falls are bound to happen. Here are a few quick tips to make sure you stay safe.


Slips can happen virtually anywhere. From the garage to the bathroom, slippery surfaces occur when there is not enough traction or friction between your foot and the ground. However, these slips are easily preventable if you just think ahead. While outside, make sure you wear shoes that have a deep tread on them. This helps increase your traction and can keep you from slipping after heavy rains. To avoid slips inside the home, make sure that all of your rugs and carpeting are flat against the floor and have anchors keeping them in place. A loose rug is a quick way to lose your footing. Be sure to clean up any spills that happen in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere there is a smooth flat surface. It is also a great idea to install grab bars in the bathroom as it is a common place for water to accumulate. Next Day Access has a wide variety of grab bars to fit any home.

Trips and Falls

Trips and falls are another hazard when mobility increases. Now, more than ever, it’s time to finally get your spring cleaning done. Clutter, loose cables, and open cabinets are common culprits when it comes to injuries inside the home. Make it a priority while you’re cleaning to take note of surfaces and objects that may interfere with walking. Another common hazard are uneven steps and thresholds. Stairs can be a challenge whether it has recently rained or if it is a bright sunny day. If you find yourself struggling with stairs, it might be time to look into a ramps for your outdoor entryways or indoors as well. Allow Next Day Access to show you which accessibility options would work best for your home to prevent any injuries in the future.

This year don’t let wet weather get the best of you. Whether you are venturing outdoors or staying inside, make sure you stay safe by following our simple tips. There is no better time than now to do a quick safety check around your home.