People who want to age in place sometimes have to make adjustments in their house to make it easier to navigate. The last thing you want to happen is to experience a fall in the shower that causes an injury and limits your ability to live independently. Installing grab bars is a simple solution to that problem, and there are other solutions you can incorporate throughout the home as well. Consider these options when it comes to creating both an accessible and aesthetically-appealing living space. 

Rearrange Furniture To Create Open Space

Your living area should be as open as possible to reduce the risk of tripping and falling. This doesn’t always mean getting rid of all of your furniture and replacing it with a single lift chair. Sometimes just pushing a sofa against the wall instead of having it in the open space can make a big difference. And if you have any thick rugs on the floor, remove them so they don’t become a trip hazard. Even the smallest change in the floor’s surface can create a hazard, so evaluate your space for those items and remove or replace them as necessary.

Be Creative With Your Wheelchair Ramp

Installing a wheelchair ramp to enter your home is one of the easiest ways to make your home more accessible. And when you have it installed by a professional, they can make it aesthetically appealing so you can still have curb appeal for your home as well. You might simply need a small and straight ramp for your space, or you may need a curvy one depending on the orientation of your front door. The professional who installs your wheelchair ramp can make suggestions to make it as functional as possible without sacrificing any appeal.

Think About Bathroom Appeal And Accessibility

The bathroom might be the most important room in the house when it comes to accessibility. Floors tend to be slippery, and some bathrooms are tight and difficult to navigate with a walker or a wheelchair. The first thing to install for safety is grab bars. They can be placed outside and inside the shower, by the toilet, near the sink, and in any other area you need them. When placed strategically throughout the bathroom, grab bars won’t diminish the space’s aesthetic appeal and will enhance accessibility greatly.

At Next Day Access, we focus on making every home as accessible as possible for people with disabilities or limited mobility. Our experts also take into consideration aesthetic appeal with every product installation they do. A big part of aging in place is loving where you live, so the space has to look great in addition to being accessible. Don’t let the thought of a wheelchair ramp not looking appealing stop you from getting one if it will improve accessibility in your home. When you contact us to schedule a free home consultation, we will go over your options and listen to what’s most important to you and ensure we turn your vision into a reality. Like or Share if you enjoy reading our blog.