Drive™ Cobalt X23 Power Chair

  • Untitled design (7)The Cobalt X23 Power Chair by Active Care is perfect for users who need an easy and lightweight power chair. The seat even has four height adjustments from 20″ to 23″. The armrests flip-up to easily transfer the user from one place to another and they are also removable if needed. The armrests are even height and width adjustable for better positioning and user customization. The controller is adjustable in length and can also be mounted to the left or right arm rest allowing the controller to be adaptable for the user. The Cobalt X23 also includes a footplate which can be flipped out of the user’s way if needed and can be adjusted in both height and angle. The cobalt comes with a standard positioning belt and armrest-mounted reflectors for security and safety. The tires are flat-free and non-marking which offers a worry free travel and the motor assembly offers easy freewheel operation, allowing the chair to be pushed, which can be helpful for transport. The Cobalt X23 is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a easy to use lightweight power chair.

  •  Weight Capacity  250 lbs.
     Top Speed  4 mph
     Maximum Range  8 miles
     Turning Radius  29″
     Climbing Angle  6″
     Ground Clearance  2″
     Dimensions  38.5″ (L) X 24″ (W)
     Floor-To-Seat Height  20″ – 23″
    Controller  Dynamic Shark 40A
     Motors(2)  24V x 120W x 4700 rpm
     Batteries Pair 12V x 21AH (U1)
     Charger 2A Offboard
     Brakes  Electromagnetic
     Caster Wheels  8″ x 2″ Solid
     Drive Wheels 9″ x 3″ Flat Free
     Base Weight 74 lbs.
    Battery Weight (pair) 28 lbs.
     Seat Weight  19 lbs.
     Total Weight 158 lbs.
    Warranty On Frame Lifetime
     Warranty On Electronic Controller/Drive Train Components 14 Months
    Warranty On Batteries  6 Months

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