The importance of daily exercise gets even higher as you get older. According to a study by the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, elderly women with minimal physical activity, and who sit for at least ten hours a day, develop cells that can be eight years older than other more active women of the same age. Not to mention that prolonged sitting can lead to other conditions like heart disease, elevated blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, obesity and more. If you or a loved one spend a lot of time sitting, developing good habits can be made easier by following these tips.

Invest In A Fitness Tracker

Investing in a fitness tracker is a good strategy for people who have a competitive nature. You can set daily goals for how many steps you take, how many calories you burn and it can even alert you if you’ve been sitting or not moving for too long. It may take some discipline at first, but wearing a fitness tracker provides a constant reminder that you need to be moving more.

Take Breaks To Stretch

Whether you’re sitting on the couch watching television or at your desk chair looking at the computer, taking breaks to stretch is important. A problem elderly people have is getting up and down frequently can be challenging if they have balance issues or weak muscles. A chair lift is a good solution to make the transition from sitting down to standing up, and vice versa, much easier.

Get A Dog

Dogs can make you more active without even realizing it. Seniors often get older dogs that don’t have as much energy as a younger pup would. However, they still need to be walked to stay healthy, like to play occasionally and need to go outside often to do their business. All of these things combine can make you get up and move around more than you think. Plus, you’ll have the great companionship of a friend who benefits from you moving around just as much as you do.

Don’t Sit Down While Talking On The Phone

If you talk on the phone often, make it a rule that you can’t sit down while doing so. Either stand and lean against the wall, walk around, do some squats or anything else on your feet. Small good habits like these make a huge difference since they get your blood flowing and keep your muscles engaged.

Be Around Children As Much As Possible

Children can keep you young in your mind, heart and body. If you don’t have grandchildren, consider volunteering at an organization offering child care. The benefits you get from being around children are good for your health and wellbeing.

Next Day Access is here to help you get up and move even if you have a hard time doing so. A popular product is our chair lift to help you easily transition from sitting to standing. We also install grab bars around different areas of the home to keep you safe wherever you walk. Sitting too much is dangerous for your health, so contact us today to see how we can make moving easier for you.