Being a primary caregiver is a difficult job. And if you’re a family caregiver providing care for a loved one, chances are it’s not your sole job. According to the AARP Public Policy Institute, six out of ten family caregivers also have a job of their own to work at. Balancing the needs of the loved one you are taking care of, while also tending to your own needs, can be a challenging endeavor. These caregiving tips may help you on your journey to finding balance.

Plan Meals In Advance

The days can be less hectic if you just have to plan means once a week rather than every day. Pick a day with your loved one to discuss meal options for the week and make a schedule. And if you have the luxury of time, consider making extra of each meal to freeze for future use when you are short on time. Plenty of healthy and quick meal options are available and can be made in advance.

Use Technology To Organize Your Days

Juggling your responsibilities as a primary caregiver with the duties you have in your own life can be stressful. Organization is critical, and going off of memory may lead to forgetting something. When the health of your loved one is at stake, it’s ideal to be safe rather than sorry. Find an app for your phone, computer or tablet to maintain organization. Plenty of options are available so look at different options to see how they fit your needs and organizational style.

Consolidate Your Trips Outside Of The Home

One of the simplest caregiving tips to remember is to consolidate the trips you have to make outside of the home. If you’re going grocery shopping for your loved one, you might as well pick up the items you need for yourself as well. Go to the bank, make a delivery or anything else you have to do in one trip so you won’t have to feel like you’re constantly running errands.

Be Creative With Entertainment

Providing senior care can get boring if the days consist of the same activities. Get creative with activities like reading new books, downloading new apps on your tablet, picking up a new hobby and more. You and your loved one might feel more entertained, and you’ll also be keeping your mind sharp in the process.

Make Some Time For Yourself

Most importantly, a primary caregiver has to take time to look out for themselves. Whether it’s going out for a walk, hanging out at a friend’s house, reading a book alone or whatever it is that makes you happy, be sure to make time for you. Caregiving is a stressful job, so look for ways to reduce the stress before it gets built up too much.

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