Smartphone apps are designed to help you be more productive, make life more convenient, improve your lifestyle, and many other things. For wheelchair users, some smartphone apps could save your life or get you out of a situation where you’re in danger or trouble with no help. Independent living is often about utilizing the resources available to you to make life easier. Here are four valuable smartphone apps every wheelchair user should consider downloading and using.

Access Earth

The Access Earth app brings together a network of wheelchair users who exchange ideas and valuable information relevant to their lives. You can find out information like which restaurants are wheelchair accessible in your area, which attractions cater to wheelchair users, and other related information. The information comes from wheelchair users like you, so you can trust it’s reliable and useful and can help you plan for certain events or outings.


The Wheelmate app is designed to help wheelchair users quickly find parking spots and wheelchair accessible restrooms. If you are always on-the-go at malls, shopping centers, grocery stores, or attend other events, turn on the Wheelmate app, and you’ll find a great parking spot quickly. It can be challenging navigating traffic in a busy parking lot or at a venue, but the Wheelmate app can take a little stress away.

ICE Standard With 911

The ICE Standard with 911 app is an essential app every wheelchair user should install on their smartphone. Most people have a lock screen on their smartphone that requires a password to enter. This is necessary for security purposes, but what happens if you’re experiencing a medical emergency and are unable to open your phone? The ICE Standard with 911 app is designed for you to input important health and medical information into the app, which can be accessed by medical personnel without needing your smartphone password. So if you’ve been in a wheelchair accident or experience another type of emergency, they can have access to your health information so they can make the appropriate decisions to help you.

Medisafe Pill And Med Reminder

An important part of independent living is keeping up with the medication you have to take regularly. This can be a challenge even if you stay at home most of the time. With the Medisafe Pill and Med Reminder, you’ll be alerted every time you need to take a particular medication. Simply spend a few minutes entering the necessary information, and you’ll always be reminded when it’s time to take your medication so you won’t risk missing a dose.
Next Day Access is here to help wheelchair users live life as normally as possible. Utilizing technology is a big part of independent living, and these smartphone apps can significantly enhance your quality of life. Give them a try and explore other apps that could help you live life as simply as possible. And if there’s anything we can do to assist, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.