If you’ve recently suffered an injury or underwent surgery that has you in a wheelchair, it’s important to stay as active as possible. Regardless of your situation, there are many  different ways to boost your mood, help relieve stress, and overall, improve the quality of your life. Whether relying on a wheelchair for mobility is a temporary or permanent situation for you, here are some tips for remaining active and healthy.

Look Into Wheelchair Activities

Basketball is one of the most popular sports to play in a wheelchair. But along with basketball, there is swimming, netball, and badminton. so explore some of the recreational leagues in your area to find out what they offer. You can join a league if you have a competitive spirit or are looking to make some new friends.

Stay Sharp Mentally

It’s just as important to be mentally active as it is to be physically active. Some activities that help with stimulating your brain are reading  books, completing puzzles, writing, or playing cards. Exercising your brain is one of the most important healthy habits you can have, so find what works for you.

Eat A Healthy Diet

It’s easy to overeat or not eat the right things when you’re in a wheelchair. However, it’s still important to manage your diet and eat a good mix of fruits and vegetables, as well as lean protein. Eating poorly can lead to several health issues, especially when it’s combined with not being active. On the positive side, when you eat healthy, you’ll feel better and have more motivation to be active in your wheelchair.

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