Many office buildings today are designed with accessibility in mind, but there are plenty of older buildings that lack in this area. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 19% of people with a disability had a job in 2018. Having a disability doesn’t mean a person can’t work in some cases, so having the resources available to them is a necessity. The good news is virtually any office building can be enhanced with various accessibility products available today. Even a simple wheelchair ramp can make a huge difference in helping people get to and from work every day a little easier. These accessibility products are the most helpful to have in any office building.

Wheelchair Ramp

A modular commercial wheelchair ramp offers great value and benefits for people with disabilities. And for commercial property owners, the modular design means it has the flexibility to be moved or altered if the building has to change structurally or physically in any way. Each commercial wheelchair ramp can be customized to fit even the most unique buildings and can be adjusted as your needs change. Business owners can make their office space much more attractive by simply offering a wheelchair ramp for easy access.

Vertical Platform Lift

A vertical platform lift can be installed directly next to stairs or other areas and allows for people to easily walk on or even roll their wheelchair on. It acts similarly to an elevator where, with a push of a button, you can get from one floor to the next without having to lift a foot. They are very safe to operate and can handle heavy weight capacities. You can make your office building even more accessible to people with different types of disabilities by offering a vertical platform lift in it.


Residential elevators are popular home accessibility products. However, they have now begun showing up in commercial buildings as well. They are typically smaller than a regular-sized elevator, but they can be constructed as large as a full-size elevator as well. It’s a great option for an office building that may not need a large elevator, but still want to offer an option for accessibility. They are attractive options and offer a great benefit for people in wheelchairs, people who ride mobility scooters or who simply have a difficult time walking without assistance.

At Next Day Access, we offer some of the top accessibility products to help your office building look great and satisfy the needs of anyone in your office who may be disabled. Even if you don’t have a person with a disability working in your office now, it’s important to be prepared in the event a great candidate, or even a client, come across your company. We would be happy to stop by your office space and provide a free assessment, so contact us at any time to learn more about our products and solutions.